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Welcome To The 10 Yard Fight!
10YF is a simulation PS4 Madden league. We are NOT a 'do whatever it takes to win' league. Our main forum is on Operation Sports, so any and all information about us can be found at OperationSports.com,. We hold our members to a high standard in regards to playstyle, this includes playing with integrity, adhering to league rules, communication, respecting other members of the league, as well as running their organization as a true GM. You can check out our forum on our 10YF Forum.

If you are interested in joining 10YF, visit our League Sub-forum and thoroughly read the League Rules to find out if you feel our league may be a fit for your playstyle.
Commissioner : KodiiRockets | Kui11 | Foley
SIV | Currently underway
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