Gameplay Rules for “The 220 Reloaded” Guidelines

THE 220 Forum and Online Gameplay
T220R = The 220 Reloaded
HOF = Hall of Fame
COM = Commissioner (Albidnis)
CCOM = Co-Commissioner (Windy City)
NFCP = NFC President (Fedz)
AFCP = AFC President (55)
VP OPS = VP of Operations (DJ)
VP STR =  VP of Strategy (SM)

These are the guidelines that all sim-style players should follow when they set up and play a game here at the T220R. We hope to always attract members to the league because of the competition and sim-style play. If we feel you are taking advantage of the owners in the league, then we reserve the right to ban you from the T220R room and/or league.


All members of the League are expected to conduct themselves as mature adults. The LEAGUE community should be a place to meet new friends and have fun. Users are expected to play realistic simulation football and treat other members with integrity and respect. We expect all members to be open to feedback and improving their sim game.

Members who are caught cheating, team killing, who display a win at all costs attitude, use excessive profanity, use racial slurs or remarks, berate or verbally abuse other members or otherwise display a negative or aggressive attitude towards members or site staff will be removed from the Chat/Forum and face LEAGUE REMOVAL.

All members should keep in mind that WE ARE HERE TO HAVE FUN. We do not want to create a negative environment for our members. Treat others as you would hope they would treat you and everyone’s experience will benefit due to it. (Reference D-BAD rule in appendix)

1.1    Sportsmanship:  We don't give out trophies or $$$ for points scored so running up the score to pad your stats is not showing good sportsmanship toward your opponent! This is firmly discouraged. Show some respect for your fellow league member.

Note: If you call timeouts while down big late in the 4th quarter (3+ scores with 2 minutes left), do not complain if your opponent continues passing and trying to score.  This will not prevent an owner from getting disciplined for running up the score.

1.2    Pausing Before and During Games: When someone pauses the game, whether it'd be at the start of the game, or in the middle of the game.  Please be considerate and communicate with your opponent to see if there is a problem.  Also don’t expect your opponent to deal with a long-term pause of a game unless agreed on. Personal issues may come up in the middle of a game that must  be attended to. Show some respect to your opponent and give him the benefit of the doubt.


2.1    Activity: Each member of the LEAGUE is expected to be as active as possible within the league. While we realize that not everyone will have the same amount of time to devote to the league as others, we do expect each member to stay active on the forum and up-to-date on league happenings. With smartphones, tablets and PCs we find it reasonable to require each member to stop by the forums and GroupMe at least once or twice per day. Obviously,
the more you are active, the more you will get out of the league and the better it will be for other league members to communicate with you... .(scheduling, trade talks, etc.)

2.2    Forums Posts that are considered a detriment to the integrity of the site will be deleted and/or edited, no questions asked. This includes arguments, inciting arguments, personal disparaging remarks, calling out other players, etc.

If you have a serious complaint, e-mail or PM the Commissioner’s office or PM the other player, but do not publicly post it. If your complaint is important enough to be posted then it should officially be made to the Commissioner.

Basically, public conversation or debate about a game is allowed. It just shouldn't descend into cursing each other out, nor drag on forever.

Note: Attacking an owner personally may result in league discipline

2.3    Hall of Fame Committee Members: During odd number preseason, each committee member will nominate one individual that will be considered for selection into the T220R HOF.  Committee members are not allowed to nominate themselves. The top 3 nominees will then be announced during Week 1 of the regular season.

During that season the nominees will be judged on:

Contributions to the League [Staff Member/Blogger/Twitter]
Activity Level and League
Reputation [On/Off Field - Chat]
Success in the league [Super Bowl/ Conference/ Division]

During the next preseason the committee members will rank the 3 nominees and the nominee with the most votes will enter The 220 Reloaded Hall of Fame.


- All-Madden
- 10 minute quarters
- accelerated clock (17 secs) on

Gameplay Helpers:
- Ball Carrier Special Move: Manual
- Defensive Auto Strafe: Off
- Defensive Ball Hawk: Off
- Defensive Heat Seeker Assist: Off
- Defensive Switch Assist: Off



4.1    Chat / Forum GroupMe is the official League Chat tool. All members are required to have a GroupMe account and to be a part of all LEAGUE related chat rooms. You will be asked for your GroupMe info when you join so we can add you to the specific LEAGUE chat rooms.

4.2    Scheduling: We will be using GROUPME for scheduling.  If we see that games are not being scheduled in a timely manner will look for other methods to verify who is not communicating appropriately.


All rules will be enforced by a 5-strike system, unless otherwise stated in the rule itself; or if the Commissioner’s Office deems it best to immediately terminate the offending party. T220R is not the EAST room and treating it as such will not be tolerated.

Penalties for breaking rules will be as follows, if you break any major rules immediately the warning may be skipped and a suspension handed down immediately:

5.1    Penalty Breakdown
5.1.1  1st offense - Player suspension (Chosen by Committee)
5.1.2  2nd offense - 2 Player suspension (Chosen by Committee)
5.1.3  3rd offense - 2 Player suspension & Draft Pick (Chosen by Committee)
5.1.4  4th offense - Removal from league
5.1.5  All penalties subject to change based on investigation results and severity of rules broken


6.1    Disputes

6.1.1  All complaints must be reported to your conference president to be discussed by the dispute committee.  If the president is not available, report it to the dispute committee

6.1.2     Dispute Committee: 55 (AFCP) / FedZ (NFCP) / Shadow Munkey / Albidnis

6.2    Play-call Guidelines

6.2.1     To keep the league experience enjoyable to all.  We require our owners mix up their play-calling.  This means mixing up formations, types of passes, types of runs, man coverage, zone coverage etc.

Keep it as real as you can in mixing up plays as the real teams do. It is understandable that a team with RB problems is going to pass more than run and a team with poor WRs is going to run more, but not 90% of the time. QBs cannot run 90% of the time either.

6.2.3    This applies as well to defensive plays. This means not running a Dime or Quarters defense, or running bump and run or men-in-the-box coverage 90% of the game. If you have a "money-type" play, you should not run it every play or every other play.

Be sensible and diversified, and call your offensive and defensive plays in a sportsmanship sim-style manner.

6.3    Chew Clock Feature

The Chew Clock feature on offense will automatically run the clock down to 10 seconds left. The ONLY time this may be used is

In the 4th quarter with under 2 minutes left in the game In a blowout if both owners agree to it.

6.4    No Huddle

Is allowed for change of pace.  No Huddle is not allowed after an out of bounds play or an incompletion.

Note: If you are up by 3+ scores NO HUDDLE is not allowed at any time.

6.5    Defensive Rushers

Defense must rush 3 players at all times unless the stock play does not rush 3 by default.

6.6    Audible/Movement

6.6.1     All Offensive and Defensive audible formation shifts are allowed. However, your
pre-set audible’s, cannot be used to audible down on offense or defense. If the offense changes its formation via an audible, then the defense can "match up." You must wait for the defense to react and set (no defensive man motion or shaking - back and forth).

6.6.2     Goal-line formation only should be used in short yardage situations (3 yards or less for a 1st down or touchdown). It should also not be used outside of the red-zone (inside the 20yd line) but can be used if you are backed up against your own end zone.

6.6.3     Default LB and Line shifts are acceptable. Manually moving a safety or a LB to the LOS is allowed, but not to create a "nano" blitz scheme. No excessive motioning.

6.6.4     You can only move the player you will be controlling (Only one player)!!!!!

6.6.5     D. PA Cancel - On play action a RB cannot be Hot Routed to block or go out on a pass route unless the play is designed to do so.

6.7    Substitutions

ALL PACKAGES CAN BE USED. Unless done with packages, manual substitutions can ONLY be made per the following:

6.7.1 Offense

TE allowed to go to WR
FB allowed to go to HB
HB allowed to go to WR
FB allowed to go to WR
FB allowed to go to TE
TE allowed to go to FB (League Office Approval Required)

6.7.2 Defense

DL allowed to go to DL
DB allowed to go to DB
LB allowed to go to LB

6.8    Play Clock

If you are in the last 2 minutes of the 2nd quarter or last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter, you can use the clock to your advantage.

6.9    4th Down Guidelines

6.9.1   You can go for it on 4th and 1 any time you have the ball in your opponent’s territory (35yd line or less).  Additionally, if the wind is 10 MPH or more you get (1) coach's choice.

6.9.2    You can go for it anytime down 4 possessions in the 1st half

6.9.3    You can go for it anytime down 3 possessions in the 2nd half

6.9.4    Fake Punt/FG’s are allowed no more than once per game. (6.9.1 supersedes this rule - Update 10.16.16)

6.9.5    4th Quarter and OT RULE: You can go for it anytime you are tied or losing

6.9.6    If we find that this added liberty is taken advantage of and not used in realistic situations, your league eligibility will be reviewed.

6.10    Glitches / Exploits

It is not acceptable for any player to knowingly use a PUBLICIZED/NON-PUBLICIZED game glitch or exploit, whether discussed in the Chat/Forum or not. It is your responsibility as a T220R owner to be aware of those particular aspects of the game. Should a player become aware of a glitch it is the responsibility of that player to bring it to the attention of the commissioner. 

Taking advantage of the game where a known exploit exists is strictly prohibited and disciplinary action including but not limited to player suspensions and league removal.

Note: Some glitch example – Jet Packing, Rocket Catch, NANO Blitzes…

6.11    Quitting

Quitting is unacceptable. If you get disconnected, quit the game and meet back up in the lobby to replay the game. You can also PM the person and try to get it resolved. If they don't adjust, then contact the Commissioner’s Office for a STW (Sim to win) or to play the CPU. If you quit you will be subject to discipline at the discretion of the commissioner.

6.13    Streaming

6.13.1  All regular season games must be broadcast on Twitch, YouTube by the home team unless that team has an exemption from the commissioner. In the playoffs, there are no exemptions and both home and away teams must broadcast their games over Twitch.

6.13.2  Owners must keep their archived to allow for any league review. Failure to comply will result in sanctions for the non-compliant team.

Note: If Groupme Stream posting is not automated. You need to post your stream link


7.1    Trades

7.1.1    There will be no limits on trades. However, all trades must be approved by the trade committee before they can be completed.

7.1.2    APPROVAL PROCESS: The owner initiating the trade must:

- Post the name
- Position
- OVR rating
- Cap penalties

In the thread. The other owner involved in the trade must then quote the post and respond with their approval. At that time, it will be reviewed by the trade committee. All trades are not final until they have been submitted for review in this thread and approved by the committee members.

7.1.3    Trades with cap penalties of $15 Mill and above will be extremely scrutinized

7.1.4     Rookies can be traded

7.1.5    Trade Committee:  Windy City / 55 / Fedz

7.1.6     Practice Squad Sniping is allowed after week 2 of the regular season.  Players must remain on 53 man roster for at least 2 weeks

7.2    Playoffs / Offseason

Once the playoffs begin unless you lose a player for multiple playoff games no free agent players can be signed. You must wait till the off-season free agent signing period begins.

7.3    Rosters

7.3.1    All teams must carry 53 players on their roster at all times or risk penalties (Please review penalties section.  After 1 warning The penalties in section 5 will apply

7.3.2    All positions on Depth Chart must have first TWO SPOTS filled with APPROVED players.  If you plan on using 3 TE sets you must carry 3 TE's on your roster.  Minimum Roster Requirement by Position:

QB (2)
RB (2)
FB (1)
WR (4)
TE (2)
OL (8)
DL (6)
LB (6)
CB (4)
S (4)
K (1)
P (1)

7.3.3    Out of suit player position changes must first be approved by the league office.  Position Suits equal: QB, RB, FB, TE, OL, DL, LB, DB

7.4    Player Edits

7.4.1    NO ONE is allowed to make any kind of player attribute edits.  Jersey # changes may be requested and must be approved by the league office.  All Jersey changes will be tracked on the league forum.

7.5  Offseason Free Agency

7.5.1     During the Free Agent Stages: - Unless a Free Agent is asking for a 6 or 7 year deal. The limit will be a 5 year contract - If the player you signed asked for a 6 or 7 year deal, you must provide a screenshot showing the request - If this rule is broken you will have to drop the player and incur the cap penalties or additional consequences

7.5.2    Waiver Process - When you submit 2 players if your first player is already taken you will receive your second player if he is available.

7.6  XP Sliders - Sliders will be managed by DJ Rhude


If the game desyncs. Replay the time/quarters remaining and add the lead to the end of the remaining score. The winner will then get the S2W.  If you cannot agree on the outcome please contact your conference president.

Any questions please, contact the COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE [WindyCity, Albidnis].



A.    THE D-BAD RULE If you aren’t familiar, DBAD refers to "DON'T BE A DICK!!"...there may come a situation that isn't necessarily against the rules however shows poor form. This is a community, a brotherhood, we are friends, this isn't a lobby room or a quick play. Things like TD celebrations and running up the score comes off as rubbing it in your opponent's face.

Remember, when all else fails...DBAD!

B.    ACTIVITY POINTS TRACKING All owners will be assigned activity points according to their participation in the league.  These points will be used to sort the Team Draft List for next cycle.  We will be looking at scheduling, response time, chat involvement, draft participation, blogs, reports, etc.