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1. Sim style play. Mix up the play no running the same play all game long
2. No immediate roll out to the sideline. Only time it’s allowed is if that’s the designed play, or when there’s pressure In The pocket.
3. Must rush 3 at least players at all times
4. Nano blitzing, monster formations, YouTube plays, or any form of cheesing is not allowed. One game FL
5. No chewing clock unless up by 14 with less than 4 minutes left in 4th, or if your opponent agrees to it
6. Cannot no huddle more than 3 plays in a row
7. 4th down rule - A. before the 50, on on 4th and inches B. Down by 21 anytime, go for it C. 1 free fake punt/field goal per game D.  When trailing in he 4th
8. No cpu trading at all
9. All trades must be submitted to commish for approval. Strongly preferred no giant blockbuster trades
10. Two trades per season, one more in off season, right before draft.
11. Cpu games are encouraged to be played. One free FW against cpu per season. If you don’t want to play it then fair sim. Cannot restart cpu games. One game FL if multiple starts.
12. Must dm your opponent to schedule your game with 24 hours of advance (most people don’t have time to read through hundreds of messages in the group chat)
13. Quitting games is not allowed. First time, 2 game suspension. Second time, BOOT.
14. Only position changes allowed are te/fb, lb/dline, cb/safety, oline/oline.
15. No custom playbooks
16. This is a sim league we want to simulate the real game so NO CHEESING THE CPU putting up insane stats. Automatic 1 game FL plus two game suspension for the players cheesed.
17. And broken gameplay rules have to show proof so streaming or recording your games is extremely encouraged
18. Preseason, post season, and draft schedules will all be voted on using a poll