Get to know Pats QB Tanner Morgan

by bchristensen75 | 8 months ago | 0 Comments

here is a link to look at his ratings... http://daddyleagues.com/4thand1/player/37885353

he New England Patriots are currently led by the greatest quarter back to ever walk the face of the earth in Tom Brady. But he announded officially that 2021 would be his final season regardless of the outcome. Now that leaves the question of who is next?

Enter Tanner Morgan. The former Gopher played in about 30 snaps as a rookie, in those snaps, he went 7/8 passing with a passing touchdown, and also added two touchdowns on the ground. 

Morgan is a dynamic Quarterback who can beat you with his arms, leg, and mind. He has spent last year absorbing any and everything he can possibably learn from Brady. Morgan is one of the first in last out type of guys new england loves. During the offseason they had an offer on the table from an afc team that would have sent him out of New England for a first round draft pick and some change. The Patriots kept Morgan and feel they found the next great QB. Barring any tragic injuries stopping Tom Brady's goodbye run, we wont see how ready Morgan really is until the 2020 season. Until then we only see him in mop up time and practice.