Pats sloppy in home opener vs 49ers

by bchristensen75 | 8 months ago | 0 Comments

Another week, another semi similar story. The patriots are 2-0. Most teams would be happy with that start to the season. Not this team. In a matchup against the heavy underdog 49ers, the patriots fell into a 10 point hole and allowed a 3rd quarter in which the 49ers scored 17 unanswered points. The team rallied back to score a touch down on a 13 play 98 yard drive that ate up nearly 8min of clock time and left around 2:40 left in the game. After a 3 and out the pats got the ball back with 2:08 left. Then vintage tom brady took over. In a game where he threw 4 interceptions and nothing seemed to go the patriots way, not everything was clicking. The results? A game winning touchdown pass to james white. with under 30 seconds to go. A gilmore interception sealed the deal with under 10 seconds to go. The run game was again a bright spot. Jordan Howard ran for 86 yards and 3 tds. N'Keal Harry snagged 7 catches for over 110 yards. 

The patriots are struggling as a team so far against lower tier competition, but they have two more games to figure out their junk before their gauntlet hits. 

Starting week 5 the patriots face the . . . 

all playoff coached teams.


with the cardinals and dolphins next, the patriots will focus everything on improving and knocking off the rust!