Week 4 Power Rankings

by bchristensen75 | 7 months ago | 0 Comments

Welcome back guys! After being angry at madden im back to posting some daddy league content! Lets roll out a week 4 power rank. But first let me explain what i factor in 

1) User ability

2) Roster (this is a negative in some ways)

3) Who you have played

4) Record 



Lets jump in

32 - Miami Dolphins 0-4 - The only user left in the league who does not have a win in the 1 1/4 seasons we have done. 

31 - Minnesota Vikings 2-2 - How can a 2-2 team be the 31st ranked team? well take away the FW vs jax and now you see the picture. I think the 0-4 bucs will beat the vikings. 

30 - Baltimore Ravens 0-3 - The ravens struggles continue with a rough start before they even enter divisional play.

29 - Chicago Bears 0-3 - And the cows came running home on this one. A loaded roster shouldnt be 0-3, and with the texans up next, 0-4 will soon be serverd. Medium rare.

28 - Seattle Seahawks 1-3 - with that QB and enforcer combo is not okay. 1-3 tied with two ther division foes, but an 0-2 start has doomed the hawks season. 

27 - San Francisco 49ers 1-3 - The 49ers have had a really rough opening 4 games. They are improving, but still a solid QB away from being more than a 3rd and 4th place division team.

26 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-4 - The bucs have had the hardest schedule to date. Falcons, panthers, saints, and Chargers. I belive they can bounce back to have a decent year, but playoffs are out of the picture now. 

25 - Arizona Cardinals 1-3 - The final of the 1-3 trio, they have faced brootal competition so far and there is no end in sight for them

24 - New York Giants 1-3 - The giants are in a pickle. The roster is bad, and the division is solid. Two back to back 1st round QBs cant help either. 

23 - Jacksonville Shaguars 1-3 - The new QB ran jags are off to a slow start and that wont end with a rough six game stretch up next. 

22 -Indianapolis Colts 1-2 - The Colts went all in to go 7-9 at best. Still dont see this team in the hunt for a playoff spot. 

21 - Denver Broncos 1-2 - The broncos are imrpoving as the sesaons go on, a win vs the bills and a 21-7 lead vs the pats and the broncos are on the right track.

20 - Oakland Raiders 1-2 - Raiders are starting to look like they can hang with the top teams, but a rough schedule may shove them into the depths of teams that have no shot. 

19 - Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2 - Rounding off the sub .500 teams and shilo are the steelers. This is the year we determine the big question. Tough division or performance?

18 - Washington Redskins 2-2 - the redskins added some serious firepower on offense but still average in the WL books.

17 - Dallas Cowboys 2-2 - a great roster that should be a 3-1 team minimum. 

16 - Los Angeles Rams 2-2 - Only reason they arent one slot lower is because they beat the cowboys and redskins. a great roster carrying a user to a playoff bearth in the worst division in the league. 

15 - Houston Texans 2-1 - Are the texans back? if so they jump into the top 10. If not? theyll stay put for a few weeks.

14 - Philadelphia Eagles 2-2 - Another case where a great roster can aide a user to appear a top 8 user 

13 - Cincinnati Bengals 2-2 - Bengals are off to a rough start again, are they staring at a 2nd straight year with no playoffs? Are we overrating the bengals? We will see. 

12 - Buffalo Bills 2-2 - is the surprise of S1 falling back down? i dont think so. 

11- Detroit Lions 3-1 - If you lose to shilo you cant be anything but the lowest ranked 1 loss team.

10 - New Orleans Saints 3-1 - the return of dads' dad has brought joy. also a good user with a good roster. thanks mad...

9 - Tennessee Titans 3-1 - The titans are one of the best ran and coached teams in the league but the roster and texans rise back to normal play may be thier downfall. 

8 - Kansas City Chiefs 3-0 - The chiefs won the most overrated user last season; so far they havent played a ton of competition, but the real test is vs the jets tonight

7 - Carolina Panthers 2-1 - The conference runner ups only loss was due to cam being out for a game vs the saints. cheese or skill? that is the question

6 - New York Jets 2-1 - a top 3 team if they get any sort of roster help. dont trade with them please.

5 - Los Angeles Chargers 3-0 - The regular season winner a year ago. The QB will be the downfall of the chargers and ynvnvngnvnv money.

4 - New England Patriots 4-0 - Lets see how good they can be in the regular season to lose in the playoffs part 73 

3 - Green Bay Packers 3-1 - The packers have every reason to win the nfc. but mad seems to have his mojo going on offense now.

2 - Atlanta Falcons 3-0 - Adding adam theilen can push the falcons past the packers and back into the SB for a second straight year

1 - Cleveland Browns 4-0 - Browns aint moving until someone beats the befending champs