Today we will be taking a look at every teams overall at the start of the cycle and seeing how they are at the end of it. We will also look at they're key acquisitions and losses. - DB

AFC East

Bills: 86 overall => 91 overall

  • Key Acquisitions- WR Marcus Bartow, HB Pat Redmon, SS Donte Beal, DE Justin Short
  • Key Losses- S Micah Hyde, S Jordan Poyer, T Dion Dawkin...
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Hello everyone, this article will go over all 32 teams current starters. What we're looking at is which starters have remained on their team since the beginning of AMG Season 5. How many players and teams stayed loyal to each other through all 6 seasons. - DB

One note is players with a * next to their names means that they are currently starting and stayed on the team through 6 seasons but did not start all 6 seasons.

Bears (12 players)...

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