AMLoB Mock Draft v1

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AMLoB Mock Draft Pre-Combine


*No Trades were included when the mock draft was done. And this is prior to FA so the team picks are based coming out of SB week. There will be a 2nd one post combine that will be posted for everyone as well with updated trades, team needs, etc.


1.) Atlanta Falcons-Riley Conte QB Florida St.


The Falcons are looking to turn this franchise around quickly and what better way than to take the Heisman winner at the most important position


2.) Green Bay Packers-Rasheem Holland QB Pittsburgh


Aaron Rodgers is almost 40 and the Packers coach wants to get ahead of his retirement and what better way to do that than with the dual threat QB from Pitt


3.) Detroit Lions-Spencer Toefield CB Michigan St.


This Lions team is loaded with talent at every position so they have luxury of taking the best available which Toefield is a great selection here


4.) Miami Dolphins-Dalton Farmer MLB Miami


This team is in a rebuilding state and needs talent all over the place but what better way to rebuild a defense than drafting a stud to man the middle plus he’s a hometown kid


5.) Tennessee Titans-Sylvester Gilbert CB Auburn


Gilbert is a beast at CB and this secondary needs an infusion of young talent so bringing on a guy to that can make an immediate impact will be big for this team


6.) Denver Broncos- Herve Wake DE Louisville


The Broncos take the best DE available, he doesn’t exactly fit the scheme but he has the talent to adjust and learn in this defense so let’s see how this situation pans out


7.) Seattle Seahawks-Pappas Wyms LT Notre Dame


A lot of needs on this Seahawks team but the offensive line is the weakest area of this team and who better to take than the best tackle in the draft on the blind side


8.) New York Jets-Eric Fiedler QB Pittsburgh


I see Fiedler being the next QB off the board especially for a Jets team that has to built from the ground up, maybe he’ll be the first block to jump the rebuild


9.) Washington Redskins-Ed Tarrant WR Oklahoma


This skins team looks to rebound from a down season and they need some weapons on the outside so look for them to make a splash at WR with Tarrant who dominated the Big 12


10.) Cincinnati Bengals-Parker Walsh QB Notre Dame


The Bengals coach is over the Blake Bortles experiment and wants to get it right at the QB position so don’t be surprised when you see the next QB come off the board at 10


11.) Pittsburgh Steelers-Dixon Cox WR Wisconsin


With AB getting older by the season what better time to find his replacement than by drafting Dixon Cox from Wisconsin who made big waves this past season


12.) Oakland Raiders-Dawson Davenport LOLB Penn State


This Raiders team is in need of an impact solid LB and who better than the top OLB from Penn State to dominate stopping the run with the talent on defense


13.) Los Angeles Rams-Rashod Loud MLB Texas A&M


Loud had a solid season but not quite the season he was expected to have coming in, even with that being said he should be great at MLB for this Rams defense


14.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Charlie Huston QB Nebraska


The Bucs have been looking to move on from Jameis after struggling the past couple seasons so as they’ve built around him the new QB could win the job and have weapons at his disposal


15.) Kansas City Chiefs-Ellis Rhodes ROLB Texas


This Chiefs team needs a good LB to pass rush in this 3-4 scheme, as this coach looks to get younger and reload in the front 7


16.) New York Giants-J.C. Cowan CB Louisville


The Giants have struggled to find their ideal CB and I honestly think they can have that with Cowan out of Louisville that played extremely well in the ACC this season


17.) New England Patriots-Jamal McCune WR Alabama


This selection would be great as it would pair a good option with Brandin Cooks in NE, they could go HB but Boyett has a great season last year so I don’t see them moving from him


18.) Baltimore Ravens-Brady Oldenburg RG Louisville


The Ravens need help up front in the trenches to protect their investment at QB and who better than Oldenburg from Louisville


19.) Kansas City Chiefs (via NO)-Ray Downing RE USC


A versatile 3-4 DE can help this aging DL get younger so input Downing and he will make plenty of plays for this Chiefs team that looks to rebound after a down season


20.) San Francisco 49ers (via CHI)-Ashley Battle HB Wisconsin


One of the most explosive players in college football from a loaded offense that can be inserted and make an immediate impact on a team that has all of he other pieces 


21.) Los Angeles Chargers-Romel Kouandijo CB Wisconsin 


This could be the 3rd Wisconsin player off the board but certainly not the last, Kouandijo made plays on a defense that played big in game moments


22.) Carolina Panthers (via DAL)-Omari Griffin III WR UCLA


A loaded Panthers squad that wants to find a burner in the slot, there may be better options but at the moment Griffin III would fit perfectly


23.) Philadelphia Eagles-Veneton Copeland HB Alabama


Looking to continue their run in the NFC East, this coach needs a playmaker in the backfield with Eddie George not being nearly the back he was when he won ORoY


24.) Houston Texans-Roy Ford RG Notre Dame


The Texans clearly hit on their QB of the future last season but they definitely need to get him protection and the RG from Notre Dame should do well for this team


25.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via IND)-Asa Lane WR Clemson


The Bucs would need weapons to compliment their new QB and who better than the WR from Clemson that played well against most ACC defenses


26.) San Francisco 49ers-Adrian Printers TE Texas A&M


With Kittle turning 29 this offseason the 9ers should look to get younger at the position and the TE from TAMU should make plays for this team with snaps


27.) Minnesota Vikings-Jalston Towns RE Oregon


Towns would be perfect for this Vikings team with his versatility especially since strong defense has been a cornerstone for this coach and drafting Towns would help with youth in the trenches


28.) Chicago Bears (via CLE)-Dustin McDaniel WR Oregon


The Bears have been looking to fill their defense with talent but haven’t given Steitz and Howard anymore weapons to help the offense so insert McDaniel to get a playmaker at the WR position


29.) Jacksonville Jaguars-Lawrence Page QB Wisconsin


Rumor has it the Jags might be looking for a new QB and luckily this is a class that has a lot of talent at the position, I don’t know if he’ll take the job from Watson immediately but we’ll see


30.) Carolina Panthers-Paul Daluiso C Clemson


Looking to replace their C that’s given up an insane amount of sacks since he’s been a starter and Daluiso could be the answer on a team that doesn’t have many holes


31.) Buffalo Bills-Holden Trammell LT Florida St.


Trammell is the second rated LT in this class so it’s possible he doesn’t fall this far but the Bills need protection and depth on the backside for Brodine especially after it failed late in the Super Bowl


32.) Arizona Cardinals-Trey Allen CB Texas


An extra loaded secondary of the Super Bowl champion Cards needs another young corner to replace the aging Xavier Rhodes on the outside or play the nickel spot