Season 7 Power Rankings v1

by Ljdubzero | 10 months ago | 0 Comments

1.) Cardinals


The defending super bowl champs open the season at #1. This team hasn’t lost since week 1 of last season and looks to continue those winning ways. After an ok draft could Hangartner and crew be ready to become the first coach to repeat in AMLoB history after 2 in 3 seasons


2.) Panthers


The Panthers are a good choice for #2 even though they lost in the NFC CG to the eventual super bowl champ. This team had another really good draft and maximized the 12 picks they had. This team is definitely hungry and looking to make it back and get another Super Bowl victory with another tremendous run.


3.) Bills


Coming in at #3 we have the AFC champion/Super Bowl runner up Bills. This team had a typical offseason they’ve had since this coach has been at the helm. They didn’t make a lot of moves and had a decent draft. I know this team and this coach are hungry to make another run at it this season and I think they can make it happen. This Bills team has set a standard for itself and after finally getting playoff success, I can see this team making noise again this season.


4.) Jaguars


The Jags has a tough outing against the Bills in the AFC Championship game last season. The offense just could not get going, but after making some serious moves this offseason this team comes back with a new focus and a new QB with the rookie Huston getting the nod.


5.) Browns


The Browns didn’t really make much noise this offseason. They stayed relatively similar to what they were last season which I think the consistency in the roster will help this team stay a juggernaut, at least in the regular season. There are some real questions about whether they can get it done in the postseason which remains to be seen.


6.) Vikings


In the playoffs it’s all about matchups, especially when you have two good teams going at it with really good coaches. The Vikings went 13-3 last season and lost to the eventual champion Cards in the divisional round. I think this coach rebounds this season and makes things happen to maintain the dominance they’ve had in the NFC.


7.) 49ers


The 49ers had a solid offseason and man did they hit on a RB when they got Snell Jr. out of Wisconsin. This could be a very interesting season for this team as I can see a shift in play style happening. Adding that guy to an already loaded offense could spell a lot of trouble for the NFC. Look for the 49ers to make a claim this season and we’ll see out the gate with their first game against the Cards


8.) Chiefs


After a peculiar regular season last year and a lot of moves this most recent offseason the Chiefs came out well. They hit all over the place in the draft and free agency. Mahomes got a new weapon and a once in a generation talent at WR and added major pieces on the O-Line and this secondary. I think the Chiefs are back and they are looking to take control of the AFC so let’s see if they can put it together.


9.) Lions


The Lions are back in the mix for one of the elite teams in this league. Good draft added to a really good roster with a new coach and I think this team is ready to return to prime time. I think with Loud being a new piece to that defense and Davis’s established leadership that this could be a great time in Detroit after a down year.


10.) Texans


The Texans also have a new coach and look to build on the success they had last season. This roster isn’t a great one but luckily they have a coach that can handle a bad roster coming from an Eagles team in a similar situation. Pro Bowl QB in his sophomore season and a LB on defense that can make plays so I think this team really can make strides again this year.


11.) Patriots


12.) Bengals


13.) Cowboys


14.) Raiders


15.) Saints


16.) Bears


17.) Buccaneers


18.) Falcons


19.) Packers


20.) Broncos


21.) Ravens


22.) Giants


23.) Steelers


24.) Chargers


25.) Jets


26.) Colts


27.) Redskins


28.) Dolphins


29.) Titans


30.) Rams


31.) Seahawks


32.) Eagles