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This is our 5th season of Madden 18 folks! Let's keep the league competitive and interesting. The rules will constantly be updated to suit the wants/needs of the league so that we can keep the members excited about playing. If you have an issue with something, speak up and you will be heard. Let's get this season underway!

Commissioners: Solo Dolo, J Carter & Shaolin Fantastic

Superbowl LII: Dallas Cowboys (EditingCurve7) def. Houston Texans (iSAUNDERS21) 17 - 14

Superbowl LIII: Memphis Steamers (iSAUNDERS21) def. Carolina Panthers (DukeyDukes10) 9 - 6

Superbowl LIV: Memphis Steamers (iSAUNDERS21) def. San Francisco 49ers (BASED since 89) 42 - 3

Superbowl LV: Memphis Steamers (iSAUNDERS21) def. Toronto Huskies (IIAG3NT Z3R0ii) 73 - 24

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