Da Real Program 2.0
                           Connected Franchise League Rules

• Difficulty: All Madden
• Quarter Length: 7 min
• Week Advances: Every 48 hours (unless extension is granted)
• XP has been increased for faster player development.
• Injuries have been reduced.
• No Custom Playbooks
• Must make a created coach

This league is for active players only. It is your responsibility to contact your opponent to set up your game. post that you posted looking for your opponent so that you can receive a forced win. If you do not tag your opponents name in the group we will not have any way to confirm that you were notified for the game. If both players are unable to agree upon a game time the game will be automatically 50/50 simulated. If a player is unavailable for 3 weeks in a row that player will may be removed from the league without warning.

• players can use accelerated clock in 4th Quarter anytime

NO WR move TE with 90+ speed
No LB move unless weight 220+ LBS No changing players names allowed
NO QB’s with less then 50 Throwing power
NO roll-out cheese (unless PA-Roll Out Play)
MUST RUSH 3 players each play (Dropping 11 in coverage is NOT ALLOWED)

Lag outs/ disconnects
If the game disconnects (a.k.a. loses sync) attempt to replay the game. If players cannot agree to replay the game the player who had the lead before the disconnect will receive the force win and or the commissioners will determine the outcome.

⚠️• No QUITTING – We track game statistics and all time records. Do not quit the game..even if you are getting blown out. Anyone who intentionally quits may be removed from the league without warning.
⚠️• No stupid stuff – No intentional lagging, Ridiculous Trade or Trade Offers, Releasing all of the good players to free agency, changing a players position cutting and resigning for lower salary cap, starting games you can’t finish, etc. In the event that someone is cheating please provide a screenshot or broadcast so that an administer may see the violation.
⚠️• NO ROLL OUT Cheese allowed..
    1st . Infraction is a Warning ⚠️
    2nd. Infraction QB is benched 1st half next game
    3rd.  Infraction QB is benched 1 game
    4th.  Infraction is a Dismal/Removal from League

4th DOWN Rules
* 4th and 3 or less (anywhere)
• Down by 14 points (anytime )
• 4th Quarter (anything goes)

As a friendly reminder we are here to play games, network with other competitive gamers and have fun. Trash talk is cool but internet tough guys and virtual threats are not allowed here. If you have aggression in you then go visit your local boxing/mma club or join the military and request to be placed on the front line. We are all here to play games and have fun. There is ZERO tolerance for any threats or back and forth internet gangster talk. Friendly competitive trash talk is cool but don’t make it personal and don’t harass anyone. If anyone has any issues please send screen shots to the commissioner(s). Additionally, a player may be removed if it is determined by the commissioner that the players conduct is harming the league .

Breaking these Rules will get you removed from Da Program league !!!!!

Please post a video or picture of anyone that is breaking league rules in the main group chat .


The “AWAY TEAM” is required to broadcast unless a lag situation happens , then No broadcast is required on the 2nd game attempt.. you must submit a screenshot of your lost connection.


Step 1 .. DM the Team owner
Step 2. Both teams make an agreement
Step 3. Take a screenshot of your agreement with a picture of your players profile cards

Send all final trade offers to the Trade commissioners (Texans, Lions, Seahawks, Jaguars)
They will submit it to the entire committee and we vote on your trade to make sure it’s a decent trade for both teams
After your trade is approved
We unlock the trade for you to send it to the other team
Only 3 Trades allowed each team per season
Thank you for joining Da Program 2.0 ◦