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Welcome To Our League!

This is The Madden International Football League, a Madden 18’ Sim League on PlayStation 4. This is where you can put your team-building and play-calling skills to the test and compete with 31 other users on the road to The Super Bowl. Paired with this website, your MIFL Dynasty can go with you everywhere. All league info including news, stats, schedule, contact info, trades and rosters are connected to this site so you are connected to the league even when you aren’t signed into your PlayStation 4. Build your team, create your playbooks, and progress your players while leading them to victory and building your own dynasty! See you on the field.!

Commissioner : Dylanmys10 (Jaguars)

Commissioner : JordanLilje (Falcons)

Commissioner : MatthewRice18 (Steelers)

Commissioner : Ern_da_burn (Broncos)

NFC Playoff Race
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