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September 2, 2020

Here we are! On the brink of a new cycle with Madden '21. I want to first thank all you guys for making this entire off-season process run smoothly, it always takes a little more when we start a brand new cycle. So thank you!

With that said, I wanted to reach out and bring up the rule changes/additions/subtractions for Season 57.

  • Section 1.1 - League Sliders: Injuries will be moved to 23, XP for Offensive Lineman will be moved to 120, the rest stays the same.
  • Section 3.2 - Sub Package Depth Chart Requirements: The SUBLBER position can now be a LB or a Safety (However it cannot be a starting safety, 2nd string only).
  • Section 6.3 - Statute Of Limitations: Coaches leaving and coming back in same edition: Lose ALL “tenure” and will be treated as a rookie. Sim limits, zero tolerance on rule breaks, etc. Unlike rookie coaches who don’t get trade for 6 weeks, the same applies to returning “vet” but for the duration of the season regardless if they come back week 3 or 13.
  • Section 7.3 - Player Suspensions & Penalties: We will now be introducing a sim limit. If you have 3 at fault sims, which means no planned excuse, you will be removed no questions asked. 

To view the complete set of rules: http://www.mofleagues.com/rules

- Commissioner Jeff

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