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Welcome to the official league site of the Madden Sim Revolution! Use this information to gain a competitive edge on your opponents, and stay one step ahead of the game! If you are interested in joining the MSR League, please read our rules then signup for our waiting list by clicking on the "Join Us Now" icon located in the upper right hand corner of this page, and a staff member will be in touch ASAP. Thanks for stopping by! We'll see you on the field!

Commissioner: Bryan (tRoubLd miNd)

Director of Scheduling: Coach Yoast (Kradosxx)

Co-Director of Officiating: DK Kellum (Born2beAbeast)

Co-Director of Officiating: Dylan (theboone)

Media Director: Lukas (RaginCajunNacho)

Director of Trade Committee: Tom (TaCoKIN6)