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Primetime Madden Connected Franchise (MONEY LEAGUE) TEAMS WILL BE DRAFTED VIA INBOX TO ENSURE NO COMPETITIVE DUCKING! More Details to come! Welcome to Primetime Madden 18 Connected Franchise edition. This league is a hardcore league that prides itself on competition and longevity. We have been in business since PlayStation 3 and we expect to last until next gen and beyond. Our rules are simple: *no quitting *48 hour advance ** there are no position change rules (once you buy the team you are only obligated tj create a coach) how you manage your roster is your prerogative! Game rules are simple 6 minute quarters All madden Injuries on Accelerate clock off (Simulation Mode) 300 xp sliders 16 injury sliders DRAFT WILL BE SCHEDULED Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of November at 8pm central times Game Progress and all will go through daddy leagues! Trade rules: No user will be allowed to trade unless he has paid for the next season. This is non negotiable. There’s is no trade committee but all trades must be posted and admin should be tagged! Let’s gooooo! **ALL TRADES MUST BE POSTED AND ADMIN (myself) MUST BE TAGGED And everyone must CREATE A COACH.. You will be asked once upon mistake and your second time will result in forfeiture of team. (You will be placed on wait list) Game Scheduling - You have 12 hours to contact your opponent to set up your game time. This is a 48 hour league however we will advance at 90 percent which is usually with 2 games left (unscheduled) STREAMING *** All playoff games must be streamed! The away team is responsible for getting game streamed! Upon inability home team will be asked to cover! **DADDYLEAGUES GAME OF THE WEEK GAME** must be streamed The home team is responsible for game stream! All stream links must be posted on page with opponent and admin tagged! Thanks! Money �15 dollars a team Pay out �300 super bowl winner 75 to super bowl loser 15 to regular season division winners (90)

Commissioner : Promiseson (facebook - Primetime Madden

2018 Season | Week 11 : Advances 09/26 @ 8 pm cst!

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