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Welcome to Sunday Simulations! Use this information to gain a competitive edge on your opponents and stay 1 step ahead of the game! We are a fair play SIM Madden League. We use Group Me to communicate & Twitch to broadcast our play. Usually have around 20 owners @ a time with 24 owners being our max, 3 per division. CPU games are to be played & streamed. If interested in joining our LG stop by and see us on our chat room or contact the commish! Thanks for stoppping by... We'll see you on the field!

Owner - MrRobertPaulson

Commissioners - CreoleJuJuBean34

Co-Commissioners - Scevus / GLBizzle

Advances are Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday Night 10pm CST

Sunday SIMs Superbowl Champions

SB I Champion: MrRobertPaulson - Vikings

SB II Champion: G4m3_4_Funz - Falcons

SB III Champion: G4m3_4_Funz - Falcons

SB IV Champion: Dimtellinya_ - Titans

SB V Champion: G4m3_4_Funz - Falcons

SB VI Champion: o0Ferg0o - Patriots

SB VII Champion: ...

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