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The UMFL is a SIM Madden CFM community. This league thrives off the commitment and attitude of it's owners in order to provide an enjoyable, yet realistic football experience. If you're looking for a league where you can ruin people's experience or exploit the game for your own benefit, then this league is not for you.
Advance Schedule: Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights @ 10pm EST
Commissioners: Heismanator, JDupuis15, NoRespect4Me23, Drafal, DirtyxDan
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M16 Season 1 Champion: v27x Jarvi (Carolina Panthers)
M16 Season 2 Champion: Davon DayDay (St Louis Rams)
M16 Season 3 Champion: V10L3NTBYD3S1GN (KC Chiefs)
M16 Season 4 Champion: JDupuis15 (Philadelphia Eagles)
M17 Season 1 Champion: DuelinDuelman (Green Bay Packers)
M17 Season 2 Champion: DUFF259 (Cincinnati Bengals)
M17 Season 3 Champion: XxNamTarxX (Washington Redskins)
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