AMLoB Power Rankings Season 6 v1

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1.) Jacksonville Jaguars (8-0)


The Jags have roared through the first half of the season with a dominant stretch to an 8-0 record. The defending champions have played extremely well this season with Fournette’s domination on the ground with 1,036 rushing yards and 15 rushing TD’s. Leading in point differential being #1 in both points scored and allowed shows how well this team has played this season. The defense has continued to be elite as they lead in fewest yards total yards allowed and fewest passing yards allowed. As they look to roll through and potentially end up with another 16-0 season it’ll be interesting to see if anyone can stop them down the stretch. The Jags are looking like favorites once again to bring home another championship in AMLoB Super Bowl XIX.


2.) Arizona Cardinals (7-1)


When you look at the Cardinals they have shown just how much an elite defense means as they are top 3 across the defensive yardage rankings and #2 in points allowed. Josh Jacobs has had a strong sophomore campaign after a breakout rookie year in which he looked like a superstar. He’s held up well despite all of the carries and has helped the offense look stable complementing star QB Josh Rosen. After a couple of good deals to bring in help for Kirk and Gesicki, the passing game has gotten a nice boost with Corey Coleman and Courtland Sutton. This team has looked dangerous this season going into hostile territory in New Orleans and coming out with a win. Watch for this team to contend for a title come playoff time. 


3.) Cleveland Browns (7-1)


The Cleveland Browns have shown once again why they are perennial Super Bowl contenders in AMLoB as they are putting together another great season. Baker Mayfield is playing amazing football with incredible efficiency with 16 passing TD’s to just 1 lone interception and completing 67% of his passes. The defense has been playing like studs as they’ve show themselves in the top 5 in defensive yardage allowed and #3 in points allowed on the season. With the 2nd highest point differential this team has shown the ability to get it done on both sides of the ball as they’ve pushed through the season at a dominating pace since their week 1 loss. The Browns look to continue this strong run as they’ve won 8 in a row and look to be true contenders as the franchise has been.


4.) Denver Broncos (7-1)


The Broncos have taken the approach of strong defense masks what at times can be marginal offense as they’ve continued to make plays on the defensive side of the ball and control the tempo on offense with the rookie Michael Cloud. Oluokun has been a monster in forcing interceptions as he looks to lead the league once again under this Broncos team. Chubb and Brightful have helped that production hugely by being monsters coming in off the edge and getting pressure on the QB, with Jessie Bates holding it down on the secondary following his coach from Cincy to Denver. Ligon has maintained on offense but Cloud has been a huge part of this team’s success so far. This team has continued to overachieve and they look to keep that trend throughout.


5.) New Orleans Saints (6-2)


The Saints have been playing big time football with some great wins against contending teams the first half of the season. With wins over the 5-3 Texans, the 4-3-1 Eagles and 2 big time wins over the 7-2 Panthers this team looks primed and ready to take home another division title and compete for a spot representing the NFC in AMLoB Super Bowl XIX. Justin Herbert has bounced back in his sophomore campaign learning from his trial by fire last season with Waddle becoming his favorite target. With Waddle and his ability to break the game open this offense has limitless potential with Kamara handling things on the ground. Dylan Moses has shown great command of this defense as this Saints team looks to continue to make things happen in the 2nd half.


6.) Oakland Raiders (7-2)


It’s great to see how this Raiders team has bounced back these last few seasons after some lackluster years to build where they are. The numbers don’t necessarily scream a great season but this Raiders team finds a way to make sure they win games. Von Miller has been spectacular with 16 sacks so far this season and leading the defense when they need to have plays made. Jordan Howard has been solid for them on offense as he’s kept this running game going and helped control games with the offense’s ability to slow the game down as Prescott manages the game. Devin Bush continues to be a stud and make things happen at the second level for this team. As we get to the back half of the season let’s see if this team conintues to “Just Win Baby.”


7.) Detroit Lions (6-2)


Messiah DeWeaver and this Lions squad have been great so far this season with DeWeaver and his MVP numbers making this offense roll. Coming off of his great sophomore campaign he has put this team in prime position to run away with the NFC North this season. Completing 67% of his passes to go along with 2,798 passing yards and 19 passing TD’s to only 5 picks has DeWeaver looking like he’s on his way to superstar status. With so many talented weapons including the rookie TE Sanchez Gregory who replaced Blake Leonard in this offense, the Lions have looked really good this first half. The defense is coming around with Bachie and Davis trying to hold things down as the leaders. Look for these Lions to make noise the 2nd half of this season as things get tight.


8.) Carolina Panthers (7-2)


After such a tough season last year with a 5-11 record, the Panthers have responded with a good 1st half to the season bringing them to #8. Lj Watkins has put up big numbers with the increasing amount of weapons he’s gotten. Completing 66% of his passes with 2,550 passing yards and 26 total TD’s to 9 picks has him in the MVP conversation. The running game has taken a hit after being this team’s bread and butter for so long but they have performed well with the passing game which helps tremendously. The defense has struggled in moments and are looking to be more consistent on the back half of this season coming off of a bye week. Look for this team to try and get back to the form a few seasons ago that led to a Super Bowl appearance.


9.) Dallas Cowboys (6-2)


The Cowboys have taken the reigns of the NFC East so far in the tenure under the new regime. This talented squad has been playing really good football so far this season with their prime time RB leading the way as Zeke has almost 1,000 yards and 11 total scores this season. Martell has been playing solid football with the only concern being the amount of turnovers he has. Cutting down on those could really make this Cowboys team scary down the stretch. Marquise Brown has looked like he is well worth the huge deal he just got from the organization with 970 receiving yards and 6 TD’s. The rookie LB Mark Madsen has been huge coming up with 5 picks and leading the team in tackles. Be on the lookout for this squad as they look to maintain this play the 2nd half.


10.) Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2)


The Steelers organization has managed to still play good football even under the new regime even with the oddity of having more points allowed than points scored overall this season with 2 losses. They haven’t been eye popping but solid on both sides of the ball as they’ve managed to get to 6-2 and round out the top 10. Jared Goff has shown to be a huge addition for this team with 15 TD’s to 4 interceptions. The secondary does look great being led by Sektor Babers who has been proven to be one of the most valuable picks we’ve seen in these drafts. With the 2nd half of the season coming the Steelers look to make noise and try to compete in the tough AFC climate. Watching down the stretch how it unfolds should be interesting to see.