Season 2 Mock Draft v1.0

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Daddy Corey Mock Draft v1

It’s time for a way too early mock draft as we close out Week 15 of Season 2 in AMLoB Madden 20. These mocks are entirely subjective garbage so you should definitely get in your feelings about them that they are 100% law and will be exactly what happens on draft day.

#1 LAC – Teddy Edwards, QB, Indiana

This is a no brainer. With the Felipe Rivers era a distant memory and Drew Lock experiment failure, at the cost of the #66 pick. LAC is set to get their QB of the future, Teddy Edwards. Teddy has been lighting up the Big Ten with his marquee victory being a 48-3 shellacking of the Michigan Wolverines to secure the B10 East and eventual B10 Championship.

# 2 TEN – Kendrick Landry, CB, Wake Forest

Tennessee has bigger needs on the interior OL and at Edge but you rarely get the chance to pick this high and elite corners are as rare as elite QBs in AMLoB. This pick gives them a young, versatile zone cornerback to play opposite of Adoree Jackson who was just signed to a long-term extension.

# 3 SF – Layne Spears, LG, Michigan

The 49ers need help desperately at Interior OL especially in a division with Aaron Donald, Kenny Clark and Jarran Reed. Spears has been pancaking defenders since middle school and is the classes best OL available. This pick is reminiscent of one Quenton Nelson, can’t miss selection by the 49ers GM.

#4 MIN – Kevin Pagan, LT, Boston College

It’s rare you find a franchise Left tackle when you actually need one. This is the exact match made in heaven for Minnesota. Pagan has been eliminating pass rushers for his QB blindside all year long and is the most polished Tackle in the draft. Minnesota has a lot of glaring needs and investing in the trenches is the smartest play.

#5 HOU – Brian Gibson, FS, Beth Cookman

Houston is in an interesting position, with a scheme change to 4-3 they might be wiser investing in a premier pass rusher like Foreman or IOL like Hernandez, though they just invested a top 5 pick in Center Autry who could slide to Guard. Assuming all things are the same, the wise selection is Gibson who was the 2020 Heisman winner, in an extremely weak safety class and will solidify the back end with Reid for years to come.

#6 ARI – Brian Hernandez, C, Miami

Speaking of Hernandez and the pain of NFCW front 7s, Arizona would be wise to invest their draft location gift from the Jets into their trenches. Hernandez is arguably the best Pass blocker in the class and has the ability to set blocks up field which is an excellent trait for your Center. Kyler needs protection, the question is will HC H. Mungus push Kiem to make the right pick.

#7 DAL – Rashon Marriott, FS, Auburn

Dallas is in a tight money spot, especially with Dak needing extended and a poor selection of available QBs. GM Fly will fill one of his two primary needs with the rangey playmaker Marriott. Dallas is in a great situation with two 1st round selections and a talented roster to boot.

#8 CHI – Joey Saunders, CB, Wake Forest

Chicago is itching to end the Mitch Trubisky era but can’t justify to pull the trigger on a poor QB candidate in the top 10. Chicago fills another need with an aging secondary they bring in some fresh blood in Saunders. Saunders is a capable SLCB who could develop into a true CB2 which the Bears need in the Midway.

#9 DET – Gregory Foreman, RE, South Carolina

Tyree Jackson could use all the help possible but when a stud slips to you, you jump on it. Mike Daniels is set for a payday and if he gets it, this pick may be influenced to the offensive side of the ball. Assuming Detroit keeps up their attitude of purging the elderly out of Michigan, a dominant young edge rusher will fit right into Fink's defensive ideology.

#10 BAL – Alex Barber, WR, Oregon

Baltimore is, well, interesting. They’ve invested heavily in the defense via trades and draft capital. They managed a top 10 selection via trades and will use it to get Lamar help in the passing game which has been abysmal in his junior season. Barber is a proven route runner who will undoubtedly benefit from Hollywood Brown stretching defenses and Andrews occupying Linebacker eyes.

#11 DET – Taurean Lawrence, WR, Arizona State

Detroit looks to replace Marvin Jones who is aging rapidly and keep that same go up and get it body in his stead. Lawrence brings memories of Nkeal Harry’s ability to dominate in traffic which is integral to Detroit’s hard-nosed style of play. Great pick-up for Detroit.

#12 ATL – Jamille Ingram, RB, Washington State

Atlanta is in a BPA position, no real needs to fill that a player of quality is available. With this pick Atlanta plans for the future after Devonta and goes to get the elusive, Mike Leach air raid friendly, running back from the Pacific NW. Ingram has the ability to make the first defender miss out of the backfield which will only improve when learning behind Devonta.

#13 GB – Ronnell Dawson, LG, Ole Miss

Green Bay is hurting, literally hurting, to find their heir apparent for A-A-Ron but it’s just not here in the draft at #13. Instead Green Bay continues to bolster their OL at a position of need with the BPA in Dawson.

#14 NYG – Brandon Gray, ROLB, Tennessee

New York Football Giants have a variety of needs but also the cap space to fill them with available veterans. The 3-4 scheme is still in full effect and NYG lets Fackrell walk into FA then makes a move to get a young edge to learn opposite of Judon who was the 2nd best edge in the SEC behind Foreman.

# 15 PHI – Courtney Smith, MLB, Northern Iowa

As the cap continues to tighten in the city of brotherly love so walks Zach Brown into FA. Courtney Smith is a competent run defender and will step in for Brown nicely as a 3 down backer. Philly may look to trade out for more draft capital as they have multiple pressing needs so keep an eye on this pick position.

#16 NO – Brandon Bradley, MLB, TCU

Blake Chortles, Superb Owl hangover, just oof. GM O’Houlihan has zero worries about how season 2 unfolded due to the success of season 1 but does have concerns about his signal caller for the future. Chortles is not the answer so I fully anticipate a trade out here for an established QB but if negotiations fall through Bradley will be the perfect piece for the NOLA front 7 which is loaded other than MLB. Bradley, Anzalone, Demario behind an already dominant front 4 is spooky.

#17 JAX – Willie McGhee, LOLB, North Carolina

Sacksonville keeps the theme of converting 3-4 edge players into 4-3 edge after the success Josh Allen, note not JFA, has shown. McGhee’s athleticism slides down into the RE spot opposite of Allen and makes Calais retirement and Yannick trades feel like ancient history.

#18 SEA – Tyson Pickett, DT, Miami

Goodbye Marcell Dareus, Hello Pickett. Seattle has been re-designing their front 4 with the addition of Coe and Willekes paired with the dominant emergence of Reed. Pickett is the best IDL available and Seattle jumps at the opportunity to setup their front 4 for the cycle.

#19 IND – Marc Knight, LE, Buffalo

Indianapolis, another team with great cap to work with, looks to replace an aging Justin Houston on the edge. Knight was the DPOY in the MAC this season where he constantly powered through double teams working nearly 50% of his reps as a Nickel package DT. Great burst off the line and strength to play anywhere he’s asked. Great value for Indy who has Houston and Suh to manage this off-season.

#20 TB – Bryan Ross, WR, Clemson

Could this have worked out any more perfectly. Younger brother of Clemson legend Justyn Ross is available when Clemson Alumni and General Manager, D. Fitzinwell is put on the clock. This is a match made in heaven, 6-5, 233 WR with the ability to high point and learn behind M1K3, wow. Expect Easton Stick to be in MVP talks when the GM makes this call within seconds of the clock starting.

#21 CIN – Jimmy Menocal, LE, Syracuse

Cincinnati looks to bolster their front line against a division of power runners. Menocal shows promise and ability to slide to the interior and cherry pick tackles off the double teams aging Geno Smith draws every game. The Bagels would like to grab a quarterback but the lack of talent might force their hand to build the trenches.

#22 DAL – Keenan Dukes, RE, Rutgers

Need #2 is filled in a draft class loaded with Edge prospects. Dallas gets their guy to play opposite of Demarcus Lawrence and after last years 1st round selection in Knight the front 4 is set to establish the tone in the NFCE for years to come.

#23 CLE – Anton Wilds, ROLB, Memphis

With a scheme change to 3-4 looming Cleveland GM Dorsey gets his future all-pro edge rusher in Wilds. Wilds is a physical freak with Memphis pro-day’s clocking him sub 4.60 (unofficial) and a 6-4 260+ frame it’s an astonishment he slides into the later part of the 1st round. Big steal for Anton if he can match his sophomore pro-day reported metrics.

#24 NE – Trey Baldwin, RB, Auburn

NE has the luxury of two 1st round selections yet again. Due to a great draft last season and a scheme change into 4-3 the team doesn’t have many glaring needs. Brady is about to exit the building and ride into the sunset but the heir is already in place in Trask. The Patriots select Baldwin here for his combination of size and speed with hopes that James White can eventually be replaced as the 3DRB.

#25 CAR – Cornell McBath, RB, Baylor

Another victim of ‘no QB  worth it’ selection here. Carolina has expressed interest in moving on from Cam Newton who, despite his team’s success,  is more interested in fashion than a positive TD:INT ratio. McBath is the perfect spell back to CMC when injury or regression inevitably strikes. This is a great ‘prep the weapons’ for the next QB in Carolina too.

#26 WAS – Tevin Pryor, WR, Texas Southern

Washington is an evolving monster in the NFCE first dominating on the ground and now making strides to bring 2nd year QB Dwayne Haskins into his own. What better way then to get the best WR available in all-time leader receptions and yardage Texas Southern Tiger history. Pryor brings elite route running skills with him as a 3 year starter and will quickly become Haskins favorite target. Don’t sleep on him in the return game where he ran back 6 TDs in his 3 year career!

#27 CLE – Shaq Eugene, C, Western Michigan

With the likely departure of JC Tretter there is a big need to fill at an already thin OL. Cleveland jumps on the final 1st round projection OL in Eugene. Albeit a bit large for the prototypical center he has the strength and mobility to slide over to guard and pose problems for the strong interior rushers he’ll face in the AFCN.

#28 GB – Marvin Slate, LE, Fresno State

Green Bay continues to build the trenches. After last season’s blockbuster trade that saw Kenny Clark go to Arizona there has been a need for the Pettine defense to shore up talent in the middle. Marvin Slate brings the versatility of a base 3-4 DE and sub-package DT which will flourish in Pettine’s defense which is loaded with superstars. NFCN might have a new king of the north for years to come after this pick.

#29 MIA – Carlos Hunt, WR, Georgia Tech

Hunt suffers from the triple option in GT. He doesn’t get the same opportunities he might in a more WR friendly system and we would be talking about him as a top 5 prospect if he did. This is an absolute win for Miami who is starved for a true deep threat WR. Don’t sleep thinking he’s just speed either, he does sub 4.3 time on a 6-0 204 frame. When it’s all said and done, Hunt might be the best WR to come out of GT, looking at you Megatron.

#30 JAX – Rashod Arnold, QB, Tennessee

Jacksonville HC Pat McAfee curses Miami as their guy goes right before them then realizes the Brand is about to get an entirely new makeover. Nick Foles, despite efficient seasons, leaves little fear in his opponents hearts other than what lay behind his jock strap. Gardner Minshew, sorry, maybe in M21 you’ll see your day, keep being amazing. Rashod ‘The Rod’ Arnold is an electric improvising talent Jacksonville needs and selects. Arnold has blazing speed both out of the gate and in the open field which leaves teams who turn their backs in deep ragret. You heard it here first folks, this is an AMLoB M20 All-Pro 1st team QB selection.

#31 NE – Eddie Williams, LOLB, Michigan State

1st round edge rushers have been abundant this draft and what’s one more to the mock? Donta’ Hightower days are numbered, he’s a New England legend but he’s seen better days. He might retire or be let go after this draft pick is made because Eddie Williams is Donta’ 2.0. He rarely dropped into coverage in college but when he did he made the best of it ranking in the top 20 of OLB candidates. From a pass rush perspective he was on another level. Constantly seen blowing passed Tackles or bull rushing through Guards on stunts he can do it all. New England has yet another great draft and looks poised to make some noise in season 3.

#32 PIT – Lindsey Warner, RB, South Dakota

Are you even kidding me. The lightning quick (sub 4.25 pro day) Warner slides into the lap of GM Cakes??? Get ready for season 3 because we’re about to witness stat lines like never before. Conner is gone to FA, David Johnson just got relegated to backup and pass block duties. Warner lit up the Missouri Valley Conference to the point of earning a 1st round grade. He’ll be a return specialist and get your offense ready if he gets free in the open field b/c you aren’t catching him.