Welcome to the American Simball League, home of NSL D League. For more information or to sign up please visit our links at the bottom or text me at 912-271-0810. #simasl
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Welcome To The American Simball League
Welcome To The American Simball League
Hello and welcome to the American Simball League, a development league for it's parent league, National Simball League. These leagues are centered around a core philosophy we deem necessary to the core of a fun madden experience, and that is "sim over win". We have one goal in mind, to try and as closely as possible recreate that Sunday feeling. No taking advantage of cpu games or xp boosting. If we have to make a rule for you then you wont be in this league long.

Players may get called up to the NSL occasionally when there is an open team, but being called up is not about who is the 'best' madden player. Its a combination of your level of simness, seniority activity in chat and the league and what you may have done for the league.

That being said we run our league through discord and if you are interested please feel free to email me Rabbitsheriff at charlie.watson99@gmail.com Thanks for your interest.

Current Open Teams: Waiting List
Owner : July 4 1776

Commisioner: Rabbitsheriff

Madden 19 Season 1
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