Bengals are left searching for answers after a disappointing end to the season with a wildcard loss to the Broncos. Play season 1 saw the Bengals sneak into playoffs with a 10-6 record. Expectations were low but the team made it to the AFC championship game and was one late TD away from Super Bowl. The team regrouped and went 14-2 en route to a Super Bowl birth (but a loss to 49ers). Things were looking good and after a sim season hopes were high. We felt this 2022 team was better than ...[ Continue reading ]

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**Disclaimer: This Article is pure satire**


The Road for 2nd year Bears QB Jacob Eason hasn't been Easy. Growing up in an affluent and predominantly caucasian neighborhood, Jacob had a lot of pressure on him to help continue the families legacy of passing down generations of whealth to his heirs. 

His father did hard time at Stanford University, spending 6 years for a PHD, getting out 2 years early for good behavior and academics. 

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Going into a much needed bye week after a hard fought victory against division foe Bengals (who they see again after the bye) taking them to 6-...

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BFSL Week 5 Recap

In the battle for LA the Chargers took on the Rams in an evenly matched game. Headed into the half they game was t...

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