BFSL Tribune.....Back at it

by freshsquad757 | 2 months ago | 0 Comments

With Week 5 ending, wanted to get some thoughts out there and start getting content rolling back through. We have some new faces and it and really want to keep the positive energy we have going. Just a little look into the beginning of the season and what to look forward too.

Over in the NFC we have soe bullies on the block with the WFT who have just ben dominating and don't pan to look back. Not to be overshadowed though are division rivals in the North in the Vikings and the Bears. These 2 teams present very strong defenses and will look to stand behind them and possibly carry them to a championship run. That division race will be a fun one to watch along the way as well as what is going on over the West.

In the AFC we dont have any undefeated teams but there seems to be a changing of the guard. The Ravens are out for blood and it started with crcling the dead body of the Cleveland Browns (54-16) and putting the whole league on notice. Another team to look out for in the AFC are the pesky Chargers, they have a roster full of talent and heing Bruin228 they are looking to ake a splash in the league.

Too early things to watch list
- Ravens WR. Hollywood Brown chasing the single season receiving yards record
- Rookie standouts 49ers RB. Ramon Bowden and Giants MLB Micah Parsons becoming rising suerstars in the league
- Will any starting QBS finsih the season above 70% completion percentage
- Will any teams go undeafeated?