End of season 1

by Alexhelm12561256 | 1 month ago | 2 Comments

As the end of season 1 comes to a close I like to look back and reflect on the negative, positives and all around aspects of the league. 

Year 1 there's always the aspects and struggles you need to expect. Users is the number 1 thing. Fortunately, we got a loyal bunch of guys that we've had for years stick around play and enjoy madden. Unfortunately some of our loyal members decided to go separate ways. Did we go through more users then I was hoping for? Yes. Did you battle through that adversity and have a well rounded competitive and active first season? Yes. I've learned in leagues that it's more about the group of guys you have then how you run the league. This is a fun group of guys. 


Things to look forward to for season 2. 

Get to see everyone start fresh. A few guys joined either mid season or end of the season and we didn't really get to see what people were made of all together. A couple teams that tanked and a couple of good users that I think could really compete in here. Season 2 should be even better. Playing games and trying to win I can't wait to see some competitive games in this next season. 

things to be excited about  


i personally been thinking and thinking of ways to make this league even better and the number one way is to expand my recruiting, advertisement and creative ways to interact with the league as a whole. With that being said I will be adding a couple new things as a whole

1. I will be adding a recruiting page out on facebook, discord, daddyleagues, Twitter and Reddit to always make sure this league is 100% full and active 

2. I am creating a Facebook page to look at live updates, standings, stats and advertisement for this league that would be cool if you all joined 

3. I will be saving clips from streams and making hype videos for big games such as the Super Bowl or division championships or even an occasional game of the week. 

4. Finally as a whole, I will be looking to a voice chat to our discord server so people can interact and form bonds for years to come. 


Some of you may ask why all this work for a video game but for me playing madden is how I relax and relieve stress and keep my mind off of things and it's just fun to do in my spare time. So if it's something that I like to do why not do it to the best of my ability. 

i want to thank everyone for a great first season and can't wait to see what happens for year 2. The key to a successful league starts with everyone.