Name Description
Hitting Machine Excels at getting base hits
Bomber Excels at hitting home runs
Walker Excels at drawing walks and check swinging
Pressure Cooker Performs better when there are runners on base
Unbreakable Avoids injuries and recovers energy at a high rate
20 Vision Rarely misses the ball when swinging
Cannon Has an extremely strong throwing arm
Sniper Has an extremely accurate throwing arm
Stingy Excels at limiting base hits
Grounded Excels at limiting home runs
Cheesy Throws an extremely effective fastball
Sinkerballer Throws an extremely effective sinking fastball
Stopper Performs better when team is behind
Buntmaster Excels at sacrifice bunting and drag bunting
Speedster Has elite running speed
Thief Excels at stealing bases
Day Player Performs better when playing day games
Road Warrior Performs better when playing on the road
Untouchable Excels at striking hitters out
Pickoff Artist Has an extremely effective pickoff move
Rally Monkey Performs better when team is behind
Pinch Hitter Extraordinaire Excels at pinch hitting
Control Artist Excels at limiting walks
Night Player Performs better when playing night games
Platoon Excels at batting versus one handedness only
Workhorse Pitches deep into games by losing energy at a low rate
Softhands Excels at fielding the ball cleanly
Quick Reflexes Reacts quickly to the ball when fielding
Dead Red Excels at hitting fastballs
Breaking Ball Hitter Excels at hitting breaking balls
Unfazed Excels when hitting with 2 strikes
Fighter Performs better in the 9th inning or later
Knee Buckler Throws an extremely effective breaking pitch
Homebody Performs better when playing at home
First-Pitch Hitter Excels at hitting the first pitch of an at-bat
Situation Hitter Excels at driving in a runner from third with less than two outs
Illusionist Throws an extremely effective changeup
Mr. Splitee Throws an extremely effective split-fingered fastball
Vacuum Excels at blocking balls in the dirt
Knuckleballer Throws an extremely effective knuckleball