There’s no doubt Christian McCaffrey has struggled during his time in the Destiny Madden League. He’s also struggled to stay on the...

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Was a weird season, we played well, took some Ls due to scheduling. Got some big wins, some blow out wins, but stats weren't overly impressive.


Mahomes was hurt during multiple games, played through some injuries, didn't put up a great statistical season.

67% competion rate - 3621 Yards - 30 TDs - 23 Ints - Sacked 38 times


Zeke Young had a solid year, he's developed to be the player that the Chiefs were hoping...

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Seahawks End of the Year Awards


QB of the Year: Russel Wilson #3

3946 Yards, 74.5 completion, 28 Tds 17 Ints

Russel finished with a league high 74.5% completion percentage his leadership and decision making has lead the seahawks to 3 Superbowls. He continue to be the leader of the team and has shown no signs of slowing down.


RB of the Year: Tarik Cohen #25

230 carries, 1075-yard, 16 td

31 ...

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Mariota has been the Titans leader for sometime now and they have not made the playoffs this cycle. The team did better with him hurt this year but they chose to stick with him when he came off injury. The  front office has pick 9 in the draft and alittle cap space so we will see if Mariota can outlast the offseason as a Titan or end up somewhere else. 

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With the regular season under our belt and in the playoffs now . We have our season award winners. For the 2nd time in 3 seasons Joey Bosa wins the trifecta of awards. MVP , DPOY , and best D-line . He was a 1 man wrecking ball all season accumulating more sacks then some teams had all year. His 50 plus sacks puts him in then record books as most ever in a single season . Beating his own record from 2 years ago. With a possible new change underway we may never see numbers like these again. #g...[ Continue reading ]

The Explosive patriots Offense has only been contained once this season,
We played the Chicago Bears in week 2 this season. chicagos smothering defense lead to a slew of turnovers and an inability to get inside the 40. we are tempted to state that New Engaldn has changed, we are not the same team they played in week 2 of this season, we have evolved.
Kyler has Evolved.  he showed up in new england unproven and uncertain of his own talent. He has grown into his own.

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This season was a definite season of highs and lows for San Fran. The team drafted QB Shannon Loud in the 1st round and he immediately became starter and in fact he won NFC OPOY. The fact that he won OPOY is more a testament to how poor the offensive rookies were in the NFC and not so much as to how amazing Loud played. His stat line was by no means bad, but the 49ers were hoping for more. 

Second year WR Jalen Knox had a really solid season topping 1100 yards and finding p...

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Jacksonville please welcome your new General Manager JOEYVOWELS and Head Coach Mark Brunell.

One a great defensive mind and the other the best QB in our franchise's history. Together they are determined to bring a championship to Jacksonville.

Expect a new ferocious style of defense that will put pressure on opposing quarterbacks like they've never seen before. On the opposite side of the ball Mark will mentor Bobby Allen and help us become one of the most fea...

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The season started on a high note with two wins but reality came FAST AND FURIOUS when the team lost six in a row.  The team is best described by FORREST GUMP since you never knew what team would show up from one week to the next.  The team was competetive in the majority of the games and we knew we had no chance of being an UNDEFEATED team but we ...

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