Oh Danny Boy...

by Jason_Raiders | 1 week ago | 0 Comments

Daniel Jones is making a strong case to remain the starter for the New York Giants.  After a terrible start and near banching, Daniel jones has made great strides as the starter for the New York Giants.  The Last 4 games Daniel has thrown for 947 yds  6td's  and 3 interceptions. He is a league leader in passing yards at 4228 yds and 28 Td's . Unfortunately he also has 38 interceptions which have been the casue of many losses. He has been sacked 67 times so oline could definitely be part of the problem. He played the #1 Defense in the league this week and put up better numbers than most QBs have against the pass stifling Bears. Without his superstart left Tackle Hannah.

Has he won back the trust of the coaches? Time will tell. Rumors are the Giants have spoken with several teams about trading for a QB. Should be an interesting offseson! We see the giants sticking with Jones one more year and draftning oline to help protect their young QB. If they can reduce sacks the interceptions are certainly going to come down.