Destiny Madden League RULES


Welcome to Destiny, a league for 30 somethings to play in without the stress of daily advances and having to be a Madden legend to be able to win games. This league is for the Average Joe, not stick jockies. We win games with strategy and by out coaching one another and not by abusing the flaws of the game. If you are interested in joining the Destiny, please Read Our Rules then join us on Discord and introduce yourself. Thanks for stopping by... We'll see you on the field!!

Destiny League Staff

The following are staff members for Destiny and can be contacted about any dispute, question or comment.

Commissioner: tRoubLd miND
Admin: Big Suge Knight
Admin: MisfitCircusInc
Admin: Doughboy0515


User Role: Created Coach (Not Active Coach)
Game Skill: All-Madden (Custom Sliders)
Quarter Length: 8 minutes
Accelerated Clock: Off
Game Speed: Normal
Injuries: On

Pre-Existing Injuries: Off
Fill Roster: Off (Prevent cpu from unwanted roster moves)
Discord: Yes
DaddyLeagues: Yes
Twitch/Mixer Streaming: Yes


Advances: Every 72 hours at 9 pm EST or when the last game is played**.  Games must be scheduled within 24 hours after advance.

*Games must be started by 8pm est. on advance day, unless a commish is informed of a late start.

*If contact has not been made within 24 hours of advance, the game may be simmed or the unresponsive owner put on autopilot.

*If you are going on vacation, or an emergency occurs please inform a commish, update your Discord name to reflect when you will be gone. Your team will be set to autopilot; the opponent must play the CPU unless staff gives them permission to have it simmed.

*Any mutual scheduling conflicts, etc., will result in a simmed game, unless one user puts himself to autopilot.

* Agreed upon date and time must be posted as a calendar event in schedule chat on Discord within the 24 hour window

* Games that have been pushed back but remain within the advance period must be updated on the scheduling chat PRIOR to when the game should have been played-- If not done so, advance may occur early without the game being played.

*** Early Advance Guidelines: One hour after the last game scheduled will count as early advance.  If the last game must be moved due to conflict it must follow these guidelines:
              o    If no games have been scheduled and posted for the next game week the last game may be moved to any date or time within the advance period.
              o    If a game has been scheduled and posted for the next game week (due to the belief of early advance) the last game must be started one hour before the next week’s game posted begins.   If the game was moved due to time conflict and cannot be played before the early advance occurs, the member with the time conflict must go on Auto Pilot.  If both members have conflicts, the game will be simmed.

We are an adult league and expect every owner to respect each other’s and the leagues time by scheduling their games in a timely manner (within 24 hours of each advance). If you must reschedule contact your opponent ASAP, do not wait until the last minute.

Destiny Advances every 72 hours with the advance date and time posted in announcements each week. Members are expected to schedule their games and post in scheduling within 24 hours of each advance. If you have not heard from the team you play by the 24-hour deadline please contact the Schedule Commish to discuss options.

Those who have not responded to an opponent by the 24-hour deadline will be placed on auto and issued a warning for the first offense, a player suspension for the second and possibly removed from the league for the 3rd offense.

If both teams fail to schedule the game will be subject to a sim and both teams issued warnings, etc. The staff will not babysit adults. So, if you wish to remain in this league please be courteous and schedule your games and keep staff updated when things changed or if you have issues scheduling.


Discord: the Discord App is a requirement for the league it is the communication device of choice for the Destiny. Be sure to check daily for updates and remain active on it.

Daddy Leagues: The main statistical site for Madden. All members must join to be kept in contact with schedules.

Twitch: Members must have a Twitch account in order to stream games and submit for complaints. All games are required to be archived, this allows us to watch previous games and pull the video for league related shows or handle game play disputes. In settings (wrench icon), go to “Channel & Videos” and click the box next to “automatically archive my broadcasts.”

All games must be “Twitched”, including CPU games. Only the AWAY TEAM is required to Twitch/stream every game.   Members that do not stream games will be subject to league penalties or removal.

CPU games are to be played unless otherwise authorized by staff. All league rules apply to CPU games and they must be streamed via Twitch as well.

[b]Twitter: We have an expectation of activity on Twitter and would like to see a consistent activity of tweets from owners to maintain our full immersion experience. Each owner is required to tweet at least once each in game week. Generally after each game or a team update of some type. These tweets are required to be filled with detail. Consistently short tweets will not be acceptable. This is now the expectation to all owners. As we grow our activity needs to grow and be consistent.

Content: All members are encouraged to write news articles/blogs on our Daddy Leagues website. To make Destiny the best Madden league it can be, we would like members to be active in adding team content. Season previews, team news, game reports, transaction news, etc. are always welcome and encouraged!


All league members are expected to conduct themselves as mature adults. The Destiny community should be a place to meet new friends and have fun. Users are expected to play realistic simulation football and treat other members with integrity and respect. We expect all members to be open to feedback and improving their sim game.

Members caught cheating, team killing, displaying a win at all costs attitude, using excessive profanity, racial slurs or remarks, verbally abusing other members or otherwise displaying a negative or aggressive attitude towards members or site staff will be removed from the league and face a permanent ban from the site.

All members should keep in mind that being competitive and showing good sportsmanship can go hand-in-hand. Treat others as you would hope they would treat you and everyone’s experience will benefit. Abusing any aspect of the game or playing unrealistic/unsim football will be penalized.

We understand guys mess up when getting used to our rules, especially the no usering and no manual ints, defensive freelancing, or switching players while the ball is in the air rules. If this happens pause the game, send your opponent a quick apology and correct it by recreating the situation or punting the ball back to the other team. Do the right thing and find a way to make things right if you screw up.

Please wait 24 hours to calm down, re-watch your game, and take notes before making a complaint. All complaints, arguments, and questions must be done privately and respectfully to an admin and/or your opponent in DMs.

Staff does not always have the time to re-watch entire games when complaints arise, so to submit a complaint to staff first go back and re-watch the entire game. Then take notes and write down the time stamps of  any rule violations you notice. Then submit the official list of rule violations with time stamps to a staff member. Any complaint that does not include time stamps within the game of the exact rule violations and a complete list of the rules broken will not be reviewed. Do not just send staff a message saying things like "all he did was run cover 3 or nothing but zone", "he only ran outside runs or the same run plays over and over", "he just threw drags or the same types of routes the entire game", etc., give us exact examples, the amount of times they did something and time stamps from the game to review.


Members are not to complain to their opponent in game for any reason. Do not send messages about game play via DM, text or any other platform. This goes for game complaints, rule violations or just out of frustration. Do not complain on Discord in any chat room either.

Any member reported for sending complaints during the game and ruining their opponents experience will have a player of the league’s choice suspended for one full game.

If you have complaints about a person’s style or rule violations refer to the complaints rules above for how to handle them.


Any verbal abuse or personal attacks on Discord will not be tolerated.

Any game play violations are not allowed.

The above violations and any other form may result in your best overall QB, HB, or WR, or offending player being suspended.

Any 48 man roster or salary cap violation may result in your highest paid QB, HB, or WR being suspended.


If you break any rules:

1st offense: Warning
2nd offense: 1 game player suspension of the staff’s choice.
3rd offense: 6 game player suspension of the staff’s choice.
4th offense: Possible removal from league.
*Staff reserves the right to use whatever punishment they feel necessary for any broken rule.If you are caught abusing any known glitch, punishment could be automatic removal if staff feels it is necessary.



- Goal line formations may only be used within 10 yards of the goal line or QB sneaks on inches to go.
- Strategically mix up your play calling. No abusing certain formations, routes, or concepts.
- Do not just run 3 or 4 WR sets the entire game, or abuse any of the formations. Mix up your play calling and use all the formations. This goes for running and passing.
- Mix up runs and passes no more than 70% either way. This will be monitored often. (We understand some games teams are trailing or fighting from behind and need to pass more often and may not hit the suggested % of runs but do not make it a habit or abuse not running or passing as your weekly game plan.)

- Do not rely on go-to plays in similar situations repeatedly.
- A pattern of overusing any player, play type, formations or route is not allowed.


- Your #1 pass catcher can not catch more than 32% of your team’s total completions throughout the season.
- This will monitored bi-weekly, starting after Week 6 games.

- Spread the ball around and attack numerous parts of the defense.
- Running plays should be a decent mixture of inside/outside and right/left designed runs.

- PER GAME you must have an 80/20 timeshare between your starter and backup on # of carries.
- IE if you run 30 times TOTAL, your backup must have run 6 of those 30 times MINIMUM. 


Zig Zagging or Left Sticking – running the football in Destiny has a strict policy against zig zagging. This refers to the motion of running the football in unrealistic directions to abuse AI tackling. Teams must run the football to the designed location, and all movement must be controlled with the juke stick. Left stick movements must be subtle to change direction or to hit the hole.

If a running play is designed to run inside the tackles, run it inside the tackles. Bouncing inside runs to the outside are an exploit. Do not just call an inside run and pull it to the outside unless the play has clearly broken down. Do not take runs on 90 degree angles or run horizontally, inside runs must be at least 45 degrees and move in a forward direction at all times.

No zig zagging in open field with any player when being chased by a defender. Stay on same, Sim run path and let players physical attributes be the deciding factor in the outcome of the run.

Run the exact play that is called, unless an audible is used.


- Hot routes must be kept to a minimum and not used to design a brand new play.
- Teams may not hot route more then 3 times per play and may not hot route on every play
- Teams may not hot route two players of the same position in a single play (do not hot route two WR/TE, etc.)


- Play Action Cancel: Users are not allowed to cancel the play action within a play at any time.
- Teams can use play action on 2nd and 10 and shorter. And 3rd and 6 and shorter.
- Must set up PA by utilizing the run.
- Do not use on 2nd and 10 or more.
- Do not use on 3rd or 4th and 6 or more.
- Do not use PA in 4th quarter under 1 minute with 0 timeouts.

*This is a common sense rule, do not use play action in a situation a real team wouldn’t. Staff can use their own discretion to decide if play action was illegal.


- Only allowed in no-huddle situations
- The defense must be allowed time to see the offensive formation and make quick adjustments
- Allow defense to reset after an offensive or defensive audible
- No instantaneous blind throws without a proper drop back.
- No snapping the ball while the defense is mid-audible


- Players in motion must be set prior to snap, unless it is a designed play.
- Defense must be allowed to reset prior to snap, no quick snaps


- Not allowed, except in these situations:
- Read-option and designed QB rollout plays
- Receivers can’t get open (must be a reasonable amount of time to scan progressions)
- Pocket is collapsing and/or the QB is escaping a sack
- QBs are never allowed to stand near the sideline waiting to throw the ball

When Running with the QB:

Do not call a pass play and then wait a second for the WR to get downfield and DB's to turn their back then take off running. If you call a pass play the only way the QB can run is if the play breaks down and he is under pressure or 3-4 seconds have passed and all receiving options are completely covered.

**Playmaker is Strictly Prohibited** If playmaker is used the team must punt the ball to the opponent immediately.


- No switching or user/manual catching with RB, WR, TE
- No rocket, swerve, face catching and etc.
- You may use the A, X, Y button catches.
- Can not touch joystick while clicking catch buttons.


- Allowed in these situations:
- Once per possession
- Within the 2 minute warning of each half
- Losing by 17 points in the 3rd quarter
- Losing by 10 points in the 4th quarter
- Mixing up play calling is still required


4TH Down Rules – You are allowed to go for it in these circumstances:

A) 4th and goal inside the 3 once per game
B) 4th and 2 or shorter, On your opponent's 38-43 Yard Line once per game
C) 2nd Half – Down by 17 points or more.
D) 4th Quarter – Under 4 Minutes losing by any amount.
E) 4th Quarter and Winning, 4th and 5 or closer, from the 50 yard line in. (on opponent's side of the field & only permitted once per game)
F) Over Time You can go for it at your own risk.


Chew clock is not allowed:

- Unless your opponent requests it, or when leading in the final 4 minutes.
- Letting the play clock drop low every time is also considered chewing clock


After the 2 minute warning, winning by any amount, and losing team has no timeouts left.

Running Up Score Not Allowed – Please be respectful and show good sportsmanship.

1st Half:
- No score cap.

2nd Half:
- 35 points – No offensive TDs, only FGs and defensive TDs are allowed.

4th Quarter:
- When winning by 35+ points:
- Run on 1st and 2nd down.
- May pass on 3rd down, but only to convert the 1st down.
- FGs and defensive TDs are allowed.

*No super simming of offense or defense is allowed*



Goal line formations may only be used against goal line or on inches to go.

Mix up your man and zone plays and try to be as diverse as possible. Use both man and zone defense. Do not just abuse one or the other the entire game. Neither should be used more than a 70% of the time.

Do not overuse the same play/play concept/formation during the same situation, drive, or game.

Running the same play/play concept out of a different formation is not mixing it up.

Do not rely on go-to plays (blitzes, man or zone) in similar situations repeatedly.

Teams should not press (bump) every play while on defense. Like everything else, defensive press should be mixed up and not abused. Do not do it on every pass play and be sure to mix up what downs and distances you do press on defense.

A base Cover 2 or Cover 3 defense should have a mix of Cover 1 Man, Cover 2 Man, Cover 4, 6, 9 and blitzes to keep the offense guessing.

Try to match the personnel of your opponent on the vast majority of plays, i.e., 3 wr (nickel), 4/5 wr (dime, dollar, quarter).

No dime, dollar, or quarter formations, unless the offense has at least 3/4 WRs in their formation, verts/hail mary plays or the final 2 minutes of each half.


- Hot routes, audibles & shifts must be kept to a minimum and not used to design a brand new play.
- Teams may not hot route or audible more then 3 times per play and may not hot route on every play (a hot route consist of shifts and changes to a player or coverage)
- Teams may not hot route the player they plan to control during the play.

Nano Blitzing & Any Other Form of Defensive Glitch Strictly Prohibited


Do not manually move any player until after the snap, unless part of an audible or group movement.

Do not roam, chase, or cover outside of the play design. If you control a player not on the defensive line you must stay within the play called. If the play is a zone the you have to strafe during the play. (For man you don’t have to strafe but you can’t leave the coverage for any reason until after a ball is caught.)

3 pass rushers are required on all defensive plays. QB spy is not a pass rusher.

No excessive overloading on one side of the center.

THIS INCLUDES FIELD GOAL BLOCK. If your player moves on purpose or on accident before the snap, there will be punishment.


USER LURKS: *User lurks are allowed (when you have been on the same defensive player from snap and user intercept the ball) SWITCHING when the ball is in the air to intercept is NOT allowed. Chasing the ball or leaving the designated play art to get a user int is not allowed. Only if the ball comes right to you. Do not leave the designated zones or man assigned to be covered during each play.

No switching to DB, LB, DL while the ball is in the air, only after the catch

Do not Switch to a player on defense and Hitstick a receiver before the ball is caught.

***Absolutely no switching is allowed while the ball is in the air. You must remain on the player you are controlling until AFTER the ball hits the receivers hands. If a team is caught switching to a player to make a user Int they must punt the ball back and the Offense will receive ball at original line of scrimmage with a fresh set of downs. (be sure to allow the offense to get back to the original line of scrimmage after punting it back.) ***

Abusing of this rule will result in removal from the Destiny Madden League.

*Roaming with any player you control on defense is banned. Stay within the zone or play covered. Do not freelance and chase receivers across the field. If the play called is a zone you must use STRAFE.

* STRAFING RULE - When using a defender, you must strafe until the ball is thrown if you are using a LINEBACKER. If you are using a  CORNER BACK, you are allowed to run with the receiver if they get behind you, but then must STRAFE in your zone.  If using a SAFETY in a deep blue zone you are allowed to run with a receiver if they run past you to cover the deep blue zone.



- Only 1 Fake Punt or Fake Field Goal allowed per game.
- May use Fake Punt or Fake Field Goal at ANY TIME

- Only use Punt and Field Goal formations on special teams plays.
- Do not manually move players to set up blocking


- No pooch punts or extremely short punts that cause camera glitches and uncatchable balls
- No “Sky Punts” (Pressing Y before starting the meter)
- Majority of all punts should land in a catch-able area barring wind driving it out of bounds
- If you are across the 50 yard line, you may punt the ball out of bounds to pin opponent deep (coffin corner punt).



Cap Penalty is divided by tiers.  Tiers are divdided out by seasons within Destiny/OMML.  Please confirm which tier you are.
1-2 Full Seasons in Destiny  --- 18 mil cap penalty max
3-5 Full Season in Destiny --- 22 mil cap penalty max
6+ Full Seasons in Destiny --- 25 mil cap penalty max

Cap Penalty must NOT exceed limit by these tiers.  Trades or transactions that will exceed the given coaches tier limit cap penalty maximum during any season current or future must not be executed. (Penalty: If you go over the cap penalty maximum for your tier you may be required to drop players or trades may be forced upon your team.  Warnings or actions will be issues depending on the severity and prior history of your cap management.


- Preseason and Regular Season:
- Allowed to sign one free agent per week over 71 OVR and above
- Allowed to sign unlimited free agents all season 70 OVR or under


You are ONLY allowed to CUT players who are 74 overall and LOWER during the season to make room for cap.

Any player that is HIGHER than 74 OVERALL must be released during the OFFSEASON (Re-Sign Stage or FA Stage) to prevent collusion and allow for all teams to bid through Free Agency. These overalls will be determined by the players DaddyLeagues rating. ** NO EXCEPTIONS **

Do not cut free agents during the playoffs. No teams should sign FA after the completion of their Week 17 game. If a playoff team has injuries occur in Week 17 that they must fill, it should be brought to Commissioner’s attention and must be approved to sign anyone after Week 17 game is completed.


Resigning Your Current Players:

1. The max number of years you can re-sign a player for is capped at 5. The ONLY exception to this rule is if that player is asking for 6 or 7 years, and you must provide a screenshot of their desired contract to your conference admin.
2. If teams break this rule or fail to show a screen shot and gain staff permission, the contract financials stay the same but the contract will be edited down to 5 years.

3. For every 4 players a team needs to resign with a rating 80 and above teams must allow at least one of those players to hit free agency.
--- Example ---
4 players 80 and above you can resign 3 of those players
8 Players 80 and above you can resign 6 of those players

**The player(s) you decide not to resign must be no older than 27 years of age with fullbacks, kickers and punters being exempt as positions you can allow to test free agency.


If your team has a player under 30 years old and over 90 OVR at a specific position already, you can't bid on that same position for any player higher than 75 OVR. Unless it's a position that has multiple on the field (WR, CB, LB, OG, OT, DL)

All players signed during the off-season Free Agency period who are at age 32 and under must be offered minimally a 2-year deal, even if they are only asking for a 1-year deal. Players 33 and over may be offered any amount of years.

All bids must be realistic and fair. You may not offer less than 50% of what the player is asking for in years, pay or bonus.

All Free Agent Periods will be closed/locked 1 hour prior to advance.  Within the last hour you may only MATCH the top bid.  You may not exceed the top bid on a player.  NO new bids will be allowed once the free agency period is locked in the last hour before advance.

Teams may not offer more than 150 points to a single player in free agency. Teams may not offer less than 50% of what the player is asking for in years, pay or bonus. If teams win a bid by going over the 150 max bid they will be forced to cut those players and be stuck with the cap hits and not be able to rebid on them.

If a team places a bid of more than 99 points on a player, that bid has to remain there until the player signs. You may increase it, but cannot lower or remove it.

If you release a player to save cap room then attempt to resign them, you may not offer any less than what the player is asking for in years, salary or bonus.

No trading of free agents during the same season you signed them.

Staff reserves the right to make certain players ineligible for bids based on confirmed glitches where players fail to resign and other issues that may occur.

If staff determines winning bids are unrealistic, we reserve the right to cancel or nullify those bids and the team will be stuck with the subsequent cap penalty.


Destiny Players are rated on a tier system. These tiers are used to HELP determine trade value. (As revealed by the Madden Gridiron Blog we will use the same tier system.)

Elite ---- 95+
Near Elite ---- 90+
Quality Starters ---- 85+
Low Level Starters ---- 80+
Backups ---- 75+
Low Level backups ---- 70+
Unknown name group --- anything under 69

- Elite Players/ Near Elite – Cannot trade a team’s top overall players on your roster per Daddy Leagues unless they are in the final year of their contracts.
- Quality Starters and below - Players 89 overall and below are eligible for trading at any time.
- Members must be in the league for no less than 6 weeks of a season (without missing a game of receiving a complaint) before they can make trades. (They may ask for an exception if the trade deadline will pass before their 6 weeks are up).
- Players 30 years or older may be traded at any time.
- Franchise Tagged Players: You cannot franchise tag a player then turn around and trade that player while he is playing on the franchise tag.
- All traded players must remain with new team for remainder of season.
- Current NFL Rookies & Rookie 1st and 2nd round picks we draft cannot be traded for 2 full seasons.
- Playoff teams may not acquire or gain more then two 1st round draft picks in the offseason.
- Can only trade 3 for 3 max.
- Max of 4 trades per season.

- If a team has more than 3 X-Factor players currently on the roster, in order to trade for any additional X-factor players you must include a Superstar or X-Factor player in return.

How Trades are graded:

- Does the trade fall within all trade rules
- Player Tier
- Fairness of the trade (based off equal value, not opinions)
- Cap Penalty - Will the trade put the team over the Cap Penalty limit of $18 Million


- Trades must be submitted the Submit Trade form on Daddy Leagues (Click the Submit a Trade image - http://www.destinymaddenleague.com/submit-trade/)
- Trades must get three approvals by the trade committee
- Trades may then be processed on the console
- Trades processed before approval will be voided
- No team may obtain more than two 1st round draft picks at one time
- All trades are final, unless both parties agree to have it voided


Contract Length:
Contract Yrs Remaining:
Total Signing Bonus:
Total Season Cap Hit:


Draft Pick: (season and round)


Teams must maintain a 51 man roster (61 with 10 from practice squad)


The following adjustments are allowed, pending league approval:

TE, FB <> TE, FB
T, G, C <> T, G, C
DT, DE <> DT, DE
CB, S <> CB, S
* CB > S Requirements Must Meet:
- Player has formerly played safety in college or NFL in real life
- Or, player meets the following thresholds: 70+ Tackle Rating, 70+ Hit Power Rating, and 65+Strength

*All position changes must first be approved by league staff. If you wish to make a position change please submit it to the league Roster Comish and they will put it up for review by the rest of staff, who will judge based on realism and if the change makes sense and decides if it should be permitted or not.

*Any negative effects from the change of position to player attributes must be accepted by the coach. Once a position change has been approved and made, the player must remain in that position for 1 full season before they can be changed again and will need staff approval once again if a change is so desired.

*Any player that is Superstar or Xfaxtor player cannot have their position changed. Excluding rookies whose traits have not shown up yet.


User teams need 51 players prior to Week 1 of the regular season to play. User teams may not have less than 51 players at any given time during the regular season.


• Team’s are only allowed three total steals from other teams practice squad per season. (Preseason Week 4 – Regular Season Week 17)

• If you steal a player off another teams practice squad they must be signed to your 53 man roster and remain on it for the remainder of the season. (You may not cut them or put them on your own practice squad.)

• Teams must DM a staff member and tell them when they have stolen a practice squad member from another team. Let the staff member know the players name and team he was stolen from.


1st Half:

7 or less score differential, full restart

8-34 score differential, resume game from previous spot (score, possession, field position, time). Score differential must be reestablished

35 or more score differential, game is final, play CPU or ask for forced win

3rd Quarter

27 or less score differential, restart game from previous spot (score, possession, field position, time), but only play the 1st half. Score will be unseen, but implied, remember this when determining the winner, play CPU or ask for forced win

28 or more score differential, game is final, play CPU or ask for forced win

4th Quarter:

20 or less score differential, restart game from previous spot (score, possession, field position, time), but only play the 2nd quarter. Score will be unseen, but implied, remember this when determining the winner, play CPU or ask for forced win

21 or more score differential, game is final, play CPU or ask for forced win


Exit game before halftime, once outcome is determined. Conceding in the 2nd half, will make game final, disconnect your internet if this is not desired

If an opponent doesn’t respond within 15 min of disconnect, they will go AP

If one player was losing and wants to go on AP, they can

You may choose to restart and play the whole game, no matter when occurred
Intentional Quit / Disconnect Is Forbidden


Required to play All-Madden CPU in most situations and not allowed FORCE WIN.  Force Wins will be only limited given out if an opponent has a de-sync and follows de-sync rules.  Force Wins may also be given out when the situations demands and voted upon by staff.  In majority of situations player must play All-Madden default CPU or SIM the game


Custom playbooks are  permitted in the Destiny. But you must create your own based off an existing playbook. Do not download ones from EA that are full of nothing but money plays.

Team Selection Reward System

In Destiny Madden League we believe in rewarding our members for the time and effort they put into the league and their teams.  Our reward system takes in account activity on Discord, team Twitter accounts, league personality Twitter accounts, Daddy Leagues articles, donations, and more.  When you join Destiny you will be placed at the bottom with 0 points-- but do not fret, it is very easy to receive points if wanted.  These points are checked and revealed every Thursday AM to give a new Madden Team Selection Draft Order.  This order will be kept until a disclosed time. 


All league members are required to read and know these rules. Rules are subject to change. Any changes made to rules and sliders are to ensure a fair and balanced playing field. In the event that a change is made, all members will be notified and any amendments will be clearly outlined.

All new members must answer this question to confirm they have read the rules,

“What do you love most?” With…… : “I LOVE TITS.”

Please let the person recruiting/helping you join, know that you have read, understood and agree to the rules. When you are ready to face some of the stiffest competition available, then contact the league’s administrators.
The Destiny staff reserves the right to remove any member from the league, if violations occur or for any other reason deemed for the betterment of the league.

We hope these rules clarify and help you understand what a “SIM” league is. We appreciate any feedback that can make this league successful and last many years to come. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please ask at anytime.

Enjoy the Destiny Madden League, as if it were your own.
Good luck and thank you.