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Posted 2018-11-03 19:03:00

NQ - Los Angeles Rams

Message me on Xbox after reading the below. Gamertag is Five9bully2X Welcome to Madden Elite NO QUITS! FREE Prize league! The LEAGUE WAS A DRAFT WITH ALL 32 members present, so all the teams are evenly good. Please add your team name to the FRONT of your username in the groupme. This makes it easy to search for users with the @ symbol. If you need any assistance or issues arise contact Jets Five9bully2 (commish), Redskins Adam self (commish),Giants Gr8 Wh1te Mik3 (commish) or Panthers SoloTh3Ghost (commish). The following are the prizes for each season. $50 to Super Bowl winner $10 to Offensive MVP $10 to Defensive MVP $5 to Best QB $5 to Best Running Back $5 to Best Receiver/Tight end $5 to Best D Lineman $5 to Best Linebacker $5 to Best DB $5 to Offensive Rookie of the Year $5 to Defensive Rookie of the Year. The league is FREE OF CHARGE. Since this is primarily a league of adults The league will advance every (72 hours, that’s every 3 days at 9pm EST). This will allow sufficient time to schedule games as we all have busy lives! Advance will be earlier if all games are played Rules: 1: You must rush at least 3 players on defense at all times. 2: 4th down rules: You cannot go for it on 4th down if you are up by 14 or more points. You can go for it on 4th down any other circumstance. 3: Trades with CPU controlled teams are not allowed under any circumstances 4: If you message your opponent to schedule a game time and they do not respond within 24 hours they will be placed on Auto Pilot for that week (proof required). If neither of you can agree to a time to play your game will be fair simmed. 5: Only 1 restart vs CPU, this shouldn’t be an issue as we’ll do our best to keep the league filled. Starting a CPU GAME waives your right to a FORCE WIN. (Message a commissioner prior to playing any cpu game to see if we can find a user opponent first) 6: Most importantly NO QUITS!! And NO CONCEDES!! Learn from your mistakes and get better! The League will also be on Daddyleagues.com where you can view up to date rosters, stats, trades, news etc for a more interactive experience and on the go! We also just started a League club on Xbox “MADDEN PRIZE LEAGUES”. You can post messages, screenshots, recordings, and your broadcast can be viewed there if using mixer. Please read all of that and get back to me with your decision. The most important thing is no quitting or conceding