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Posted 2019-09-08 19:29:11

ENVYM3 - New England Patriots

Hudson Valley Madden League is an all madden league, looking for some ballers dedicated to play and are looking for longevity. This league has been running since madden 17 and has a great group of core guys. We are looking for players looking to develop their team to the way they want. This is a true sim league so if your only able to run 3 or 4 plays on offense and defense please don't apply. The playbooks have over 200 plays in them. We sim every Mon, Wed, and Fri. Pretty laid back. Again we are looking for people to stay and develop their teams, not play a couple games and leave Open teams Lions Pats Colts Redskins Falcons Please Pm me if interested and I'll hit you up with the rules to see if this is a league you'd like to make a home. We run on discord and have a daddy's league page. We have started and are in season 1 pre season week 2. Come join and grab one of these teams