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Posted 2019-10-07 14:57:22

ANYGIVENSUNDAY - Green Bay Packers

Any Given Sunday (AGS) is a sim league that plays on PS4. Of course, there are certain rules to follow. Please check out this link for details: http://daddyleagues.com/anygivensunday/rules Please note that it is impossible to create a rule for every situation. We expect sim playing styles out of our users. If you probably wouldn't see it happening on the field in the NFL, you should not abuse the lapse in Madden. All we ask is that our members make an effort to play fairly and sim. We have been around since Madden 15 and are still going strong. The league is ran by a solid group of guys that look to make the league as fun as possible. We use GroupMe as our main source of communication, so we ask that any prospective members have a GroupMe account as well. If interested, you can either respond here or send me a PM. It would also be desirable for you to leave your GroupMe information, whether that is an email address or phone number so you can be added to the group. Anyone interested will have to play a short tryout game. It isn't anything unbearable as a seasoned veteran of the league will play you just to ensure a decent grip of the rules and an absence of cheese within the gameplay. Open teams are: Green Bay Packers We are in Week 11 of Year 1.