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Posted 2019-10-08 19:13:08

CC2020 - Oakland Raiders

Our league is Charm City 2020! We have been a league for four years and every year successful and had a lot of fun. We always shoot for 10+ Seasons. This year we are in our 1st season week 11. We had to weed out a couple guys who didn’t play. We are Interested in guys who play their games that simple! You don’t have to be all talkative on the chat but our advance is 48-54 hours we expect you to play your game no matter what. If you go on vacation or have something to do cool but if your around we except you to be active. We also don’t have many rules pretty standard we ask you follow them and not think your bigger than the league. We expect you to be respectful of the other owners. Other than that like I said it’s a great league we do incentives and it’s not much but Super Bowl winner gets $20 and runner up $10. Text me personally 410-818-9299.