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Posted 2019-11-05 20:10:17

WHX2 - Miami Dolphins

If you would like to own a team in this league, please help yourself (AND CONTACT ME BACK with a contact choice below and let me know you are here LOL don't just sign up and don't say nothing, I won't even know you are here LOL until gameday, thx), but PLEASE READ THE RULES FIRST and then read them again. LOL really LOL. This is a 21+ adult league and everyone is responsible for themselves (We encourage you to stream every game! We ask you to stream the GOW, and playoffs). This league plays on PRO Skill level, 72 hour advance, Must rush 3 Defenders on Defense (No dropping 9 back into coverage, if you wanna drop a LE or a DT back into coverage, you better be bringing a LB on a blitz..... Must rush 3 at all times, make sense). Play calling.... "It's not my job to stop my offense... it's yours!" You can call whatever your heart desires, you can go for it on 4th down ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME. We play by Madden's rules, if Madden let's you do it, you can do it! Same goes for trades! No having to pass your trades by me or one of my co-comishes, if Madden accepts it, it's good, I'll read about it in the news like the rest of the league! We communicate on Discord, please join us there, to find your next opponent, to schedule games, to talk about trades, set up scrimmages etc. etc. etc. Meet new friends! Meet me! ha ha ha Please copy and paste the link below into your web browser (or click on the link if it works in here): https://discord.gg/qYdJKDY Please Private message me when you join, let me know what team you took, each person gets one trait upgrade per season, we are in week 8, season 1, and the open teams already have the extra trait applied, but if you would like to remove it and place it on another player on your team, you may do so, but I have to do it for you LOL. If you want to pick up a team and go, that's fine to, just be active about scheduling your games and be able to be contacted on Discord, that's all I ask. If not, I will remove you and open the team back up for someone else. We want an adult atmosphere, where people can come and go without having to answer 20 questions or deal with 100 rules, but if you get caught taking advantage of this freedom.... bye bye LOL so, pick your poison :) be nice, play nice, have a nice league to belong to. Ohhhh and one more thing...... NO QUITING GAMES....EVER! I don't care if your getting your butt cheesed off, DON'T QUIT THE GAME!!! Protect yourself by streaming it and then send me the link! THa's it, I will take care of you! You will receive the FW when we advance next, but if you quit the game...don't bother coming back (unless it was an accident LOL and you and the other owner are going to restart or work it out, whatever. I much rather two owners work out their problems and if they just can't then, and only then, will we decide for them). No one has time for quiters or crybabies. Please make yourself familiar with the league website on daddy leagues. If you would like to control the content on your team, just give me you daddy leagues username and I will add you, if not, you can still come back here to view the league on a website instead of having to log into your PS4, but you can't do anything unless you have a username. Contact me: Discord (Link above) Messenger: m.me/Keith.Wood1971 Email: sooners_niners16@rogers.com Playstation 4 Handle: sooners_niners You should be able to let yourself into the league, I left it open to the public, and the league name is: WHx2 Let yourself in, pick your team, contact me (use Discord or Messenger, Email or PSN or all LOL) to let me know who you took, if you want to change your season 1 trait that the previous owner applied, teams are as is, serious inquires only please. If you can not find our league, let me know and send me your PSN handle (or send me a friend invite to my PSN handle: sooners_niners) and I will send you a league invite, that will bring you to us. Make sense? Rest of the rules are on our website.