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Posted 2019-12-01 14:47:38

DL2000 - Philadelphia Eagles

If you are currently looking a league to call home .... DaLeague is recruiting to fill a few available teams.This is a TRUE SIM League. DaLeague features some of the following... • User Lurk Rule • Play Calling Rule • Band App From Communi cation • MWF Advances • Incentive Program For Player Development • Seasonal Awards • Daddy League Site • Weekend Tournaments Our unique features for team building that will take your CFM experience to another level. The league as a whole has a good respectable culture. We have great content posted throughout. This league isn’t for everyone. Looking for guys that understand the process of building a championship team and is willing to put the work in to get there. Come be apart of something different, where your loyalty matters and you're not viewed as just another player. If you are interested, please send me a text message at 504-252-2985 or you can also message me on PS Message at Bhogg504.