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Posted 2020-02-08 22:45:48

KUSH - Minnesota Vikings

I have a few teams available in my league. Looking for active players. 3 advances a week. M W F 9pm central time must have discord. @ ravens once you’ve joined and checked rules. Of your trying to build until madden 21 we want you. If you quit games we don’t. Only gameplay rules is no chew clock until it’s past 2 min warning. I do have a job so give me 4 hours to respond and get your invite out. Usually your taken care of right away cause I’ll get a alert but if I’m busy or other commissioners are busy give us up to 4 hours to get you in before you leave. Thanks Discord chat below, also my gamertag is below if you want to be apart of a great madden community join. https://discord.gg/3VTA7Xp XBOX GT: Kushmane28g