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Posted 2020-02-09 10:51:21

BBL20 - San Francisco 49ers

It's a fantasy draft, and we haven't selected teams yet. Waiting to fill up league to kick things off. *XBOX* -BRAND NEW FANTASY DRAFT LEAGUE -$50 Cash App prize to SB Winner -Freestyle(no gameplay rules) -Discord for communication -Daddyleagues integrated -48 hr adv *Here's the set up. 1)Draft will all be simulated for random rosters 2)Team selection order will be randomized, on stream to ensure it's fair for all. 3)After getting atleast 24 users in and after randomizing the team selection order, then Invites will be sent out on Xbox as each persons turn comes up to draft their team , and users will begin selecting their teams. #This link below is for our Daddyleagues page, and it is all up to date with all the rosters being viewable. http://daddyleagues.com/BBL20/teams LETGO! Join up, and help get things going. Trying to get things kicked off by tonight. As soon as we are at 24 users, I will get things started. We have about 15-20 users that have already joined our chat. Almost there!