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Posted 2020-03-25 13:08:07

MADEMPIRE - Washington Redskins

[PS4][31/32] Madden Empires League - Join the EMPIRE! Are you interested in a league that's ACTUALLY active? Do you want a league that CASTS its GOTWs with REAL commentary, casted rookie drafts, and REAL mocks to go along with it? Do you wish to be a part of like minded individuals who crave an abnormal lust for Connected Franchise and Immersion? If so then have no fear because the EMPIRE is here! Madden Empires consists of a very active group of users who are looking for one new coach to join us! 48 Hour Advances, Currently in the Season 4, Week 6 We use Discord to communicate, schedule games, send memes. We have Power Rankings, GOTW and Playoff Casting, Breaking news, Mock Drafts, and TONS of more immersive features!! We focus heavily on realism and immersion, so come join us! Make some friends along the way