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Posted 2020-09-15 14:16:21

ANYGIVENSUNDAY - Pittsburgh Steelers

League Rules: https://www.daddyleagues.com/AnyGivenSunday/rules Any Given Sunday (AGS) is recruiting! We have been around with Madden 16. We are a sim, no-switch league on PS4! Discord is used for communication and advances are every 72 hours. More than just a fun Madden league, AGS offers a wonderful gaming community experience. From friendly trash-talking to making jokes and memes to talking about real-life sports, the chat is always active! We are very interactive, too. There is a weekly podcast streamed via Twitch. Many teams have team Twitter accounts and various analysis Twitter accounts. A few of our guys are tremendous designers and often create cool edits and graphics to enhance involvement. Thank you so much for your time. We cannot wait to hear from you!