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Posted 2020-11-21 18:43:13

FSL - Detroit Lions

Welcome to the Franchise Sim League (FSL). This league stems from the tradition of the Federal Sim League which is an OOTP-based community that has been operating for 3 full years now (11 in game seasons). Part of the history of the FSL community is to award league activity. There are two cash prizes that will be awarded each season: 1) Survivor Pool winner = $25 2) Owner of the Year = $25 The owner of the year award goes to the one owner voted most active and liked by his peers. This award goes to an owner WHO MISSES THE PLAYOFFS but remained active in the spirit of competition. You may only win this award once per game season but awards good sportsmanship. We are just launching this league today - November 21st so we expect teams to fill quickly. Join Our Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/jzKsJqgpXy