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Posted 2020-11-21 19:40:46

GGS - Baltimore Ravens

Hey I have 3 teams available. If you are interested we are going into Year 3! Currently we are in post season for year 2! Teams available are still in tact, and in great shape to make a playoff run for Year 3! This is a Sim League with rules in place for gameplay, trades, etc. If you can't handle competition, or getting beat then this is not for you. Must get your games in within 48 hour period but must have up until 24 hours to schedule your games. So if you can handle all of that this is the league for you, and must have Discord app for communication. But I will say this.....PLEASE DO NOT WASTE MY TIME IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO ABIDE BY RULES AND CAN PLAY FAIR!! ALSO DO NOT RAGE QUIT!! *please respond if you are interested by contacting me by my cell (254) 633-8627*