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Posted 2021-01-12 12:13:01

AFL2021 - Indianapolis Colts

PS4 Fantasy League Looking for a league to join and play for fun? Look no further. We emphasize playing the game the right way and encourage fun over winning. There’s no cash or big prizes so we’re just a bunch of dudes who like to kill time playing Madden. Oh, and our discord community is pretty dope too. Couple things about the league- Strong core of commissioners keep the league running smooth MWF nights advance schedule Run through discord Currency/Economy system in discord Currently week 1, advancing to week 2 tonight. Short list of rules to abide by, and the biggest and most important rule COME HAVE FUN!! Reply to this or DM if you’re interested as we currently have one spot open (Colts) and possibly a few more in the near future as we sift through users.