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Posted 2021-02-23 11:25:12

HRI - New York Giants

CURRENTLY YEAR 2 Week 10 The HRL Xbox One League - A league that has been going for years! - Similar to the well known league such as TFG. - A member core that has lasted 5+ Years HRL Extras - GOTW - Offseason Program - Mentor/Pupil program - 5th year options - Contract Spreadsheet - HRL Network - HRL Power Rankings - HRL Draft Order - Vegas Betting League Description: -We want to severely limit then use of AI abuse and do all we can to play how we see it on Sundays. This league is souly based on realism, which is why we have a lengthy rulebook. If your tired of cheese and want a authentic NFL gameplay experience be apart of HRL. https://discord.gg/dwWRNJsf4f