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CC18 - New England Patriots

We are at the end of season 1. This is my second year running anleague and it is very successful. We have 3 openings. The Patriots 6-7. Bengals 2-11. Chargers 3-10. Chargers and Bengals will have high draft picks. All teams in tact. 48 hour advance. No entry fee but $10 toeaxh super bowl team each year as an incentive. Standard rules but the biggest rule!!! MUST BE ACTIVE!!! I WILL BOOT YOU RIGHT AWAY IF YOU DONT PLAY!!! THAT SIMPLE!!! SOMDONT REPLY IF YOU JUST PLAY HERE AND THERE!!!! We use group me but don’t contact me on here you can’t personal message so text me 410-818-9299. Thanks!

Posted 2017-11-12 02:06:53