Playoff Outlook

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Playoff Outlook

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AFC Outlook:

  1. Steelers (14-2): They finished with the best record in the AFC and never looked back.  6-0 in their division is nothing short of impressive. The #1 seed is looking to make it big and hopefully stomp out the team that took the W over them earlier on, the Chiefs.

  2. Chiefs (13-3): They took the safe route and rested their starters week 17.  While they may have lost, they still put on a tough game. With league MVP Kareem Hunt, this team has the talent to go far.

  3. Bills (12-4): The Bills were the ultimate sleeper team this year.  It feels like they never made headlines as a top tier team but at 12-4 there is absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t have been in the top tier discussion.  They will have a tough matchup with the Chargers so look for this to be a competitive game.

  4. Texans (11-5): We’ve seen this team blow others out of the water.  But, we’ve also seen them take some nasty losses. Which team is going to show up in the playoffs? Hopefully the former...

  5. Jets (11-5): The Jets are in the playoffs and they are ready to prove they are a top team.  11 and 5 is a respectable finish but is it enough to make it all the way? They’re gonna need every bit of their strong passing game to get through these next couple of games.

  6. Chargers (11-5):  The Chargers just squeaked into the playoffs.  With doubts a couple weeks ago that they may not make it, the Chargers pulled together and clinched the last playoff spot. They’ll have some things to overcome but if they can win their game against the Bills, they’ll have an exciting rematch with a team they beat in the regular season… the #1 seed Steelers.


My pick to win the AFC: Chiefs

My pick to upset: Chargers


NFC Outlook:

  1. Vikings (15-1): #1 on the power rankings, the Vikings are leading the league with the best record.  They’re also leading the NFC by 3 games. With a dominant defense, the Vikings are easily the favorite to win the NFC

  2. Seahawks (12-4): The Seahawks are sitting pretty with the other bye seed.  They’ve shown they have what it takes to put up points on both sides of the ball so this is one team that shouldn’t be slept on this playoffs.

  3. Giants (10-6): The Giants are averaging about a top 10 defense but have a low 20s offense.  Can their defense make up for the lack of offensive success? Look for a close game this week against their division rivals, the Eagles.

  4. Falcons (8-8): The Falcons are coming in at 50% but that doesn’t mean they can’t put up some massive points.  They have Michael Vick, arguably the scariest dual threat quarterbacks of all time. With a beast of a receiver in Julio Jones, this team is coming in as the biggest underdog of the playoffs.

  5. Rams (11-5): The Rams are quite possibly the best team to be playing in the NFC this week.  It’s not often you seen an 11-5 team take the #5 seed but that just means they have the chip on their shoulder that could help take them all the way.

  6. Eagles (8-7-1): Yes we all know that ties suck. But, that’s only true unless it gets you into the playoffs which is what happened with the Eagles!  Harold Carmichael is a freak and will catch literally any bomb thrown at him. They’ll have a tough game with the Giants this wildcard weekend but don’t be surprised if they sneak out a win.


My pick to win the NFC: Vikings

My pick to upset: Falcons


Super Bowl Outlook:


Chiefs vs Vikings: This is going to be one heck of a game.  Two of the best teams in the league facing off for all the glory.  The Vikings have the best record in the league but will it be enough to stop one of the top offenses led by MVP Kareem Hunt?  The Vikings have showed signs of weakness but have always managed to pull through and win. If this is our super bowl matchup, it’s going to be one for the ages.


Final Score Prediction: 24-17

Winner: Chiefs