Super Bowl Outlook! Steelers vs Rams

by Skeletoasty | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

It's finally here! The first ever Super Bowl of FNSL! After my last super bowl prediction was torn apart in the conference championship games, I've decided to give another prediction! We've got the Pittsburgh Steelers vs the Los Angeles Rams. This game is definitely going to be one that folks will remember. We have a classic matchup of a top ranked offense vs a top ranked defense! The Steelers lead the league in offensive yards per game and are arguably the best offense in the league. Not to mention they have a fairly solid defense to back them up which helped them defeat the Chiefs just a short time ago. On the other side of things, we have the Rams who boast the leagues top defense. We saw them shut down the Vikings last week so let's see if they're able to do that again. Will the offensively overpowered Steelers claim number 7? Or will the Ram's unstoppable defense bring them to victory. You know what they say, defense wins championships. Score Prediction: 27-21 Winner: Steelers