2019 Mid-ish Season Power Rankings

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FNSL 2019 Mid-ish Season Power Rankings

-Provided by Skeletoasty


Yeah yeah yeah I know it’s been a while. Life sucks and life gets busy. I have a life beyond simply sucking at Madden okay?!  But without further ado, here are the much anticipated 2019 MID-ish SEASON POWER RANKINGS!!!!!


  1. Chiefs (UP1): As the lone undefeated team, there is no doubt that this team deserves the #1 spot.  The Chiefs fell short in their Super Bowl aspirations last season so they’re just hoping to keep the streak alive and take it all the way.

  2. Ravens (UP8): The Ravens pulled a fast one on all of us and have climbed their way to number 2.  With an impressive start to the season last year, it was a shame they couldn’t keep their winning ways. But this is a new year and an improved team fighting for a top spot in the competitive AFC.

  3. Colts (UP8): It’s no surprise this team is this high up as last year they were on a roll the second half of the season.  The rest of their schedule looks fairly managable so look for this team to keep winning.

  4. Rams (UP3): The Rams are currently sitting pretty atop the NFC at the moment so why aren’t they higher? Quite simply because the NFC isn’t as competitive as the AFC.  Things are definitely a bit more evened out this year between the conferences and being 8-2 is definitely impressive, but it’s clear the AFC is better thus far through the season.

  5. Seahawks (DOWN1): The Hawks are just down one spot from the last time we saw them.  They’ve continuously showed why they are a team not to be messed with and that defense is a good reason why.

  6. Cowboys (UP13):  The boys are back in town! (ha get it?) But seriously this team has moved high up the list.  13 spots is quite the jump and they have the stats to back it up. The Cowboys boast the 2nd best defense in points allowed so there’s no question they deserve to be this high.

  7. Jets (UP1): Keyshawn Johnson. That is all.  The man currently leading the league in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns is certainly a big reason why this team is successful.  Let’s hope they can figure out their 30th ranked run game or else this team is going to struggle late in the season.

  8. Steelers (DOWN3): The defending Super Bowl champions have definitely had an up and down season thus far with some big wins and some tough losses.  They’re currently holding a wild card spot but there’s plenty of time to take over the division before the season’s end.

  9. Buccaneers (UP16): The Bucs are wayyyyyyy up this year. Up an extremely impressive 16 spots, they’ve improved more than 50% from last year.  Starting 6-0 is a big improvement but to drop 3 straight is concerning. Hopefully they get things figured out in the bye week and can get back to their early season success.

  10. 49ers (UP6): Sitting at 7-3 the Niners are currently the last wildcard spot in the NFC.  If they want to keep or improve their spot, they’re going to have to win some tough upcoming games against the Steelers and the Ravens.

  11. Panthers (UP11): The number 3 seed in the NFC is currently content with their placement.  But, getting that 1 or 2 seed isn’t far out of the question... However, if they slip up in a couple games the 7-3 Bucs are more than eager to take their place...

  12. Eagles (EVEN): With arguably one of the best offenses in the NFL, the Eagles need to figure it out on the other side of the ball if they want to be successful.  We know that offense wins games but defense wins championships.

  13. Packers (UP18): Wow.  Never thought I’d say this team is in the top half of the league after the struggles they had last year.  The Packers have shown significant improvement and even have a solid shot at their division if they keep up their strong performances.

  14. Chargers (DOWN11): The Chargers, down a bit from last season, are still in it.  Currently looking at a wildcard spot they’ve got to continue to improve if they want to make the playoffs.  In a division with a tough opponent in the Chiefs, this team needs to win as many games as they can if they want to secure a playoff spot.

  15. Vikings (DOWN14): Our previous number 1 overall has dropped significantly since we last same them on this list.  After a tough go and a minor meltdown in the playoffs, the Vikings just simply haven’t looked like the same team they were last year.  There is still time to figure things out but in an EXTREMELY close NFC North it’s going to be difficult. (6-4) (5-5) (4-6) (4-6)

  16. Dolphins (UP2): Good ol #16.  The Dolphins are sitting in the middle of the road and that’s fair.  Just out of the playoffs currently, they definitely have the pieces to get there, but they could just as easily be watching from home this year.

  17. Browns (UP9): WOOF WOOF. Look at the Brownies up 9 spots from last year. And believe it or not, in a tough division they still have a chance.  At 4-6 anything is possible, especially with some sure wins upcoming on the schedule.

  18. Texans (DOWN9): The Texans boast arguably the best receiving duo in the league and quite possibly the scariest defense in the league but they still have a few other holes that need filled if they want to take it all the way.  While the playoffs aren’t out of the question, they’re going to have to beat their other, and better AFC opponents if they want to stand a chance.

  19. Lions (DOWN5): Sadly the Lions have taken a step back this season.  And with the recent retirement of their former coach, who knows where this team will go.

  20. Bears (EVEN): Sitting in the same spot as last time, the Bears are trying their hardest to take their close division.  7 spots behind the Packers, 5 spots behind the Vikings, and 1 spot behind the Lions, it is definitely doable but it is going to take some determination and perseverance.

  21. Giants (DOWN8): The Giants have taken some time to figure things out but it’s hard to say if this team is gonig to be able to catch up to the rest of the NFC.  They had Super Bowl aspirations last year and were close… but it seems this year may not be the year either.

  22. Saints (UP5): The Saints may be 4-7, but when you average 12.0 points a game, that record seems amazing.  I’m not sure how they do it but this team can win. If the Saints want to win more games, they need to figure out the offense first.

  23. Falcons (DOWN2): The Falcons have some scary players on offense and defense but they just simply seem to be struggling a bit.  If they continue to develop some of their young talent, this team could definitely go far in a couple years.

  24. Broncos (DOWN1): Another team that has some scary good players, the Broncos have the potential to make it big.  However, in a division that includes the Chiefs and the Chargers, they need to prove they can be consistent before they take the next step.

  25. Bengals (DOWN1): If you looked at this team last year and looked at it again this year, the only things that have changed are the players on the roster.  While their position on the rankings isn’t too different, the amount of trades that have occurred with this team have to have set some kind of record. Not to mention the amount of smack they talked before the season started.  We’re only 10 week in to the season but the playoff hopes for this team have definitely dwindled.

  26. Patriots (DOWN9): The Patriots have nearly disappeared this season.  Moss is still out there doing Moss things but overall this team has taken some steps back from last year.  Every team has a rough season here and there and were just going to assume this is one of those for them.

  27. Titans (UP3): The Titans have definitely improved since last season but things are still looking grim.  The offensive struggles certainly aren’t helping this team at all. The definitely run the ball well but the passing game is another story.  This team needs to figure things out through the air if they want to improve more.

  28. Bills (DOWN22): The Bills have been playing well but just can’t seem to clinch things out. With one of the league’s leading passers and one of the league’s leading tacklers, you would think their season would be going better.  While there is still a very slim chance they could sneak in to the playoffs if things go perfect, it’s not looking likely for this team.

  29. Redskins (DOWN14): The Redskins are another team that has the right pieces to make some magic happen but aren’t there just yet.  They’ve had a rough go thus far this season and with the recent news their head coach is retiring, we’ll have to see where things end up for this team come the end of the year.

  30. Jaguars (DOWN1): Surprisingly, the offense has been this teams bright spot rather than the defense.  With a young and talented defense you would think things would be different. They’re going to have to start making plays on defense if they want to improve next year.

  31. Raiders (DOWN3): Oof.  What happened to this team?  Not much going on here so let’s just get to the end of things.

  32. Cardinals (EVEN): Not showing much improvement from last year, the pitiful Cardinals are sitting dead last in the rankings yet again.  When are they going to figure things out? Don’t expect much out of this team for the rest of the year, especially after David Johnson broke his collarbone for the second year in a row...