2019 Playoffs Outlook

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Playoffs Outlook


AFC Outlook:


  1. Chiefs (16-0): The first ever and only undefeated team heading into the playoffs, they are no doubt the team to beat.  The Chiefs will be enjoying their additional week off while they prepare to cruise to the Super Bowl. Oh, and did I mention they have back to back MVP Kareem Hunt?

  2. Steelers (12-4): The reigning champs snuck in to the number 2 seed at the close of week 17.  They have the experience to claim another title but do they have the depth? The Steelers will surely be using their bye to plan ahead for what could be an interesting divisional round.

  3. Colts (12-4): The Colts held true to their promise last season and clinched their division and the number 3 seed.  Undefeated in their division, the Colts will have to give it their all to be some of the other tough teams in this conference.

  4. Jets (12-4): The Jets are back in the playoffs and looking better than they did last year.  They have a tough game with the Ravens this week so look for this to be a close game that comes down to the wire.

  5. Ravens (12-4): The Ravens tried to clinch their division, and it looked like they were going to, but just like the end of last season, things didn’t go their way at the end of the season.  This team still has potential to go all the way so don’t count them out.

  6. Dolphins (10-6):  The Phins are in! They squeaked in to the playoffs past the Chargers and they aren’t looking back.  After an exciting weekend for them, they’re looking to keep the good times rolling and bring home another W this week.


Who’s pulling off the upset: Ravens

Who’s taking all the marbles: Chiefs


NFC Outlook:


  1. Rams (14-2): Sitting at the Number 1 seed this year, the Rams are by far the best team in the NFC.  With extreme depth and skill, this is one juggernaut that will take a tough battle to bring down.

  2. Cowboys (13-3): The Cowboys soared to a top seed after an up and down season last year.  They’re looking at things in a different light now and are ready to prove why they’re the team to beat.

  3. Panthers (11-5): The Panthers snagged the 3rd seed from their division rivals, the Bucs, and it looks like we get some fun football this weekend with round 3 between the two teams.  The Panthers were able to win both regular season games against their divisional foe but you know what they say, it’s hard to beat a team 3 times in a season...

  4. Vikings (9-7): What happened to the sure fire Super Bowl victors of last year?   Things started a little rough for this team but they managed to get things going and win their division and that’s all that matters this time of the year.  As the team to win last year, they’re definitely coming in this postseason as the underdogs.

  5. 49ers (11-5): The Niners in it to win it! After an odd week 17 loss to the hopeless Cardinals, the Niners didn’t quite look themselves.  Maybe they were just taking it easy and avoiding injuries, or maybe they were figuring out sneaky plays for the offseason… Either way, this is a team that no one should count out.

  6. Buccaneers (11-5): One team that really turned things around this season is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  From 4-12 to 11-5 they definitely turned things around. They have round 3 against the Panthers this week and they’re going to look to break their losing streak against their division rivals.  This will be a fun game to watch.


Who’s pulling off the upset: Buccaneers

Who’s taking all the marbles: Rams