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Sticky Message to Commishes,be sure to respond to people applying by poohty_t

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Sticky Note to all commishes, Please lets keep using the Bad Owners List by poohty_t

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Sticky Find a League ! by poohty_t

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Sticky Combine Results by papi83dm

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Sticky Madden Attributes by papi83dm

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NEW Madden League by HHeyer

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Is the trade calculator a reliable way to determine if trades should go through or not? by DannyOfDoom

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Advanced to preseason and synced up the league but rosters aren't updated from draft+free agency, why? by DannyOfDoom

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League Settings by Coley_Cole77

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Who's Looking for a PS4 Madden League to Join???? by Coley_Cole77

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Need Help on Adding Twitch to my website by Pat_35271

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Does DaddyLeague account for XFactor by Kevin_11824

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[XBOX] New Madden League [Game Of Thrones] [11/32] by TLaRiC

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Trade Jets Chargers by Victor_78715

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Attribute history by Texan56

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