Just an update about suggestions

As some may have noticed i have replied today to numerous suggestions here for the site.While i did not respond to every single one that i have added to a list of features for Papi to look over and try to add to DaddyLeagues, that does not mean your idea was not either previously submitted or even currently submitted to him to look over. He will be looking to see what he can add, within the reasoning of time he has open to try to add things for next madden cycle outside of his current full time job that he works.

Many have submitted ideas in the past that have made their way to being a part of DL website, which is adding to the usefulness of the site for everyone who uses it. It is always good to see people submit new ideas and suggestions. While they all may not make it in, they help improve this site in numerous ways. Daddy Leagues encourages its users to submit their ideas and suggestions, as 1000s of heads are better than 1 . We all look and see different things, that maybe could be added to add to the overall quality of the site. A big thank you to everyone who has posted ideas, and hope that people will continue to do so. Understanding some things are just limited to what the app allows, as far as data, or like people asking to be able to draft from site. Papi will do his best to add what he can though , as his time allows him. Keep up the good work DL community!

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