All American Diamond Classic League

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All American Diamond Classic League

Recruiting for 30 team online franchise. 58 game season Hall of Fame settings. Activity can help determine if a team makes playoffs. Respectable deep Sim style rules. However, SIM is always in the eye of the beholder; with 30 different styles of play please expect different approaches. Serious league, serious competition, serious fun; without having to blog, post to forums, or anything else. Just play baseball. GroupMe required. Balks are on. Custom Wild Card system for added competitiveness. Come mix in with a bunch of misfits on the Diamond in the Classic!

Contact Booter on PSN or at 210-544-1532
@allamer1can on Twitter

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Roster Requirements

1. Players may only play in their primary and secondary positions.

2. Teams are required to have 2 Catchers on their 25 man roster at all times.

3. Players on the MLB roster are not allowed to be dropped down to Minor Leagues, signed to a minimal contract, then brought back up to MLB.

Hitting/Base Running
4. No consecutive bunting or bunting excessively.

5. Zone hitting ONLY. No directional or analog.

6. DO NOT turn back on a STEAL attempt. This includes a Pitch Out- accept the out.

7. Batters may be subbed out at any time.

8. Squeeze play is legal; defense needs to go into bunt defense.

9. 1st Inning, leadoff man cannot bunt to get on base.

10. Team leading by 7+ runs, do not steal bases or bunt at bat.

11. 5 Man starting rotation. SP “rotation” does not have to follow order, but should be balanced. Pitchers are free to be called up or sent down as User determines.

12. Bullpen may have 2 extra SP as LRP. LRP are to be used for an ineffective SP, or in case of injury/ejection. LRP are not to be used after 4th inning- use MRP, SU, & CP.*
*Extra innings this rule is excluded.

13. Starting pitchers cannot pitch passed the 9th inning or over 110 pitches.
Relief Pitchers: Long Reliever – 7 innings max
Middle Relief- 4 innings max
Set Up and Closer- 2 innings or less.*
*Extra innings this rule is excluded.

14. No changing out Pitchers in the middle a count except for injury/ejection.

15. Pitching should be realistic. Every throw not expected to be down the middle, but do not throw garbage entire game.

16. A relief pitcher must face at least ONE batter if subbed into a game.

Free Agency
17. Free agency will remain closed until 5 games are played.

18. First initial season Free Agency will be given a draft order by each team in order of record previous year. Teams will be allowed to select 1 FA at this time. FA will be open at will after this ‘draft.

19. Players released to FA must remain in FA for 24 hours before same team is allowed to sign again.

20. Signed FA cannot be traded until end of season.

21. Trades are not allowed until 5 games have been played.

22. Maximum 2 trades per season and 1 trade during off-season. 4 player trades count as 1 trade.

23. All trades subject to approval by trade committee. Teams may shop players as often as they want. However; if Team A and Team B agree to a trade and submit for approval, then Team A finds a “better” trade with Team C during committee approval, Team B must approve as well.

24. A player may not be traded twice in one season.

25. Trading deadline: Teams must complete all trades before 35 games in a season.

26. Wild Card 24 hours to play. Division and League Championship Series: 48 hours. World Series 72 hours. All times are formalities; may be adjusted or changed due to legit scheduling conflicts.

27. 40 games PLAYED are needed to be playoff eligible.

28. Playoffs will consist of 10 teams. Admin will reset 2 games at the end of season for the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th “seeds.” These reset games will serve as the Wild Card. Upon completion the 8 teams will advance to playoffs.

29. Either team (or both) may stream; however, home team is required, if lag doesn’t cause issues. Home team must select October.

30. Turning on hot/cold zones not allowed.

31. Disconnects reflect rule #38. All other regular season rules apply.

Off-Season (48 hours)
32. Resign period will follow immediately after World Series and consist of 24 hours.* GroupMe chat will constantly be reminded of Resign Period. Admin will resign for Teams physically unable to (i.e. vacation). Contracts will be set to 100 providing team has the budget funding.
*Resign may run over to accommodate time frame for draft. Draft will be no sooner than 24 hours after resign but may be over 24 hours depending on time needed to cover to 830pm EST.

33. Draft will be set to take place at 830pm EST of resign. FA Stage 1 will last 12 hours from that draft completion and Stage 2 will be following day at 8pm-830pm EST. Stages 3,4,&5 will be in 10 minute increments and Season 2 will start around 9pm EST.

34. Teams are to follow this rubric for players concerning contracts:

Contract Years Allowed
1-7 years
1-6 years
1-4 years
1-2 years
1 year

35. Teams are to follow this rubric for players concerning money:

Max Money Per Year
$30 Mil/ yr
$25 Mil/ yr
$20 Mil/ yr
$19 Mil/ yr
79 or less
$15 Mil/ yr (or less)

36. Teams in violation of these rubrics (over the amounts allowed) are required to cut the player into FA. Team will have to release player into FA and follow rule #19.

Administrative Rules
37. Games not finished by deadline will be resolved. Teams that are more active will be considered for playoffs; losses result in 2 administration points. For example a team that is 35-5 will be passed over for a team that is 30-20. The 30-20 user was more active.

38. Disconnects to be resolved amongst users if possible; innings 4-6. Inning 1st-3rd automatic restart unless proof leading by 3+ runs. Beyond 7th inning, down 4+ runs is ballgame.

39. Communication is critical. GroupMe is mandatory. Respect users’ time. Respect other users. Profanity, racial slurs, or attacks used to demean or insult a user is not tolerated. Trash talk is acceptable.

40. Glitches WILL OCCUR. In the event of a TRUE GLITCH, do not exploit it or take advantage. Users should resolve glitch situations. If a run was scored, give up a score.

Violations may result in game reset, resolve loss, or removal from league. Streaming may be required by user with multiple complaints.

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im interested

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We have 2 openings in a fresh campaign. Baltimore and Miami