All American Diamond Classic League

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All American Diamond Classic League

Recruiting for 30 team online franchise. League has good activity so we're replacing the non actives. Mixture of users- newbies and vets. 58 game season Hall of Fame settings. Activity can determine if a team makes playoffs. Still in the first season, deadline is June 23rd. Respectable rules. GroupMe required.

Cardinals, Rockies, Giants, Red Sox, Reds (All have played 2 games or less) Teams are intact.

Contact Booter on PSN or at 210-544-1532
@allamer1can on Twitter

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Hitting/Base Running

1. No consecutive bunting or bunting excessively.

2. Zone hitting ONLY. No directional or analog.

3. DO NOT turn back on a STEAL attempt. This includes a Pitch Out- accept the out.

4. Batters may be subbed out at any time.


5. No changing out Pitchers in the middle a count except for injury/ejection.

6. Pitching should be realistic. Every throw not expected to be down the middle, but do not throw garbage entire game.

7. Starting Pitchers: 9 innings or max 110 pitches
Relief Pitchers: Long Reliever- 7 innings max; Middle Relief- 4 innings max;
Set Up and Closers, 2 innings or less.*
*Extra innings this rule is excluded.

8. 5 man starting rotation. Bullpen may have 2 extra SP as LRP. SP "rotation" does not have to follow order but must be balanced. LRP are not to be used after 4th inning- use MRP.*
*Extra innings this rule is excluded.

Free Agency/Trades

9. Trades/FA opened for teams with 5+ games. Players released to FA must remain in FA for 24 hours before same team is allowed to sign again. Maximum 2 trades per regular season. Off-season 2 trades allowed. Teams that conduct 4 player trades consist as 1 trade. Signed FAs cannot be traded until end of season. A player cannot be traded more than twice in one season.

Administrative Rules

10. Games not finished by deadline will be resolved; unplayed series may be split or wins given to more active users. 40 games need to be played for playoff eligibility. Teams with good records short of 40 could be passed over for active users with a worse record.

11. Disconnects to be resolved amongst users if possible; innings 4-6. Inning 1st-3rd automatic restart unless proof leading by 3+ runs. Beyond 7th inning, down 4+ runs is ballgame.

12. Communication is critical. Respect users time. Respect other users. Profanity, racial slurs, or attacks used to demean or insult a user is not tolerated. Trash talk is acceptable.

13. Glitches WILL OCCUR. In the event of a TRUE GLITCH, do not exploit it or take advantage. Users should resolve glitch situations. If a run was scored, give up a score.

14. Violations may result in game reset, resolve loss, or removal from league. Streaming may be required by user with multiple complaints.

Playoff Rules

15. Bullpen may have 3 SP in LRP. Home team, if lag doesn't cause issues, will stream the game. Disconnects will resolve to Rule #11. All other regular season rules apply.

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