Xbox one Madden 18 League

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Xbox one Madden 18 League

Little about myself: I have been running leagues since madden 15, Leagues thrive in competition and not knowing who will win is one of the best parts to keep people on their toes.

This is a Sim League, but being competive I am not going to hold anyones hand and say YOU CANT DO THIS,
with the exception of certain glitches. so lets break down what you cant do in this league
Anything that is a glitch, to give you an advantage is forbidden in this league.
I.e Nano Blitz/ Swerve catches/running only 5 plays a game/ You have a custom playbook  that can have 500 plays, use them otherwise you will be scouted, you will lose, then cry, then leave.

Trading: 3 trades per season (1st season after week 4)
$5 per trade after 3 Trades (money goes to league operations)

All Trades must be approved by admins (max of 24 hours)
Not following this rule will result in a loss of a trade
Not following this rule twice will result in a kick.

If we have a CPU and it is traded with you have 3 options:
Give up your 1st round pick to the CPU
Give up your  Top player at end of the season
Kicked and blacklisted from league

Free agents will be determined by a waiver wire snake rotation 1-32 32-1
Everyone will be allowed 2 free agents per season:
$5 per free agent after 2 (must be approved by admin)
Off season Free agent pool is unlimited,

This is just like the NFL no 4th down rule, if you can do it in game 99.9% gonna allow it as long as it's not a glitch. I for one have a style just like everyone does. It is up to the user to stop them. If you are dumb enough to go for it on 4th and 30 on your 10 and lose the game thats on you.

One big thing this league offers over any others is its uniqueness  of its brand and I am a firm believer in the more effort you put into something the more you should be rewarded out of it.
So what this league offers is this:
For example if you are the steelers and you upload your full game to the steelers profile on our youtube channel you will be rewarded 0.5 points
For example if you are the steelers and you upload atleast 3 highlights from the game to the steelers profile on our youtube channel you will be rewarded 0.5 points
Do both and you will be rewarded 1 point
If you win Game of the Week that will be voted on by the league you will be awarded 3 points.
Game of the week material
1.Must be within a touchdown
2.Must come to a game TD/Defense Stop/Punt/Kick return
3.Must be competitive or comeback to happen
Game will be voted on and the 3 points will be given out after votes tallied.

Can use points when ever how ever except for speed, strength

Superbowl Winner given a  +2 speed to any player on roster (can use points when ever you want)
Super Bowl MVP is given a Superstar trait
Superbowl Runner will be given +1 speed to any player on roster (can use point when ever you want)

All points will be given out by ShaneWallaWalla and filmed via twitch and uploaded onto youtube, as well as a spreadsheet of all points assigned when/how/where and why.
I am all about having this league be very enjoyable to everyone.
Reason for the filming: it will give each user the exact feeling that coaches have when preparing for game day. So the incentive is extremely great to film. Don’t want to show your plays that is fine, but eventually you will. Don’t complain about internet it’s 2017 if you don’t have somewhat decent internet now maybe you shouldn’t be playing in this league.
Now what I have run into in the past is once a user is out of playoffs they no longer care about wins or losses they “Tank” the rest of the season.
The MVP of the league which will be voted on by the league (top 5 players)
Will be awarded: 20 points to use on that player. Also a 1 year extension to a contract.
Players can ask the admin for players to extend their contracts, but it will cost $25 because it’s a huge advantage, but could be worth it. (Money will go to league expenses/Superbowl winner)

This is a league you will fall in love with, and have the most competition you can ever imagine the question is do you have what it takes to become a legend, or will you look for an excuss to not earn it.

Teams open









XBL Tag ShaneWallaWalla or 218-216-3904

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Interested.  Experienced sim league player.
Gamer Tag:  TRTjiujitsu85
Bengals if Open, other than that idc what team.
Easy to schedule with